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In 1998, a serial entrepreneur named Bill Gross started a revolutionary new search engine called GoTo. GoTo became Overture, created the business of paid search, and was acquired by Yahoo. Google quickly adopted the paid search model, grew to become the largest search engine on the web and now stands side-by-side with Yahoo as one of the most prominent Internet properties in the world.

Bill also had another big idea... In 2000, he created to organize the clicks we all make on the web. The vision was simple: if we all share our clicks, then each of us gets smarter by knowing what's happening across the web.

Today, search engines help us find sites, but they fall short of showing how safe, popular and valuable a site is. Through click-sharing, Compete extends search algorithms by tapping the collective online experiences of millions of people. By sharing our clicks, we create useful new information about the websites we visit that can help us answer questions like:

  • Is this website safe from spyware and other threats like phishing?
  • How many people visit this site and how does it compare to other sites?
  • Are there promotion codes for this site that can save me money? helps you personally benefit from click-sharing. Whether it's protecting you from a dangerous site, profiling each website you visit, or showing you promo codes that will save you money at check out, Compete wants to help create a more trusted, transparent, and valuable Internet.


  • Compete SnapShot

Provides free information for every site on the Internet including site traffic history and competitive analytics; a list of available promotional codes across thousands of online retailers; and site-specific trust scores based on up-to-the-minute data from Compete and third party security services.

  • Compete Search

Revolutionizes search results by combining Compete SnapShot with Yahoo's award-winning search technology, alerting searchers to site profiles, promotional codes and trust scores for each search result displayed.

  • Compete Toolbar

A new browser tool that makes it easier for users to bring the power of Compete SnapShot to their desktops. Designed for both IE and Firefox users, the Compete Toolbar provides users real-time access to the same information found in Compete SnapShot.

  • MyCompete

Provides a personalized homepage for Compete community members to receive premium content and participate in forums, surveys and other program activities that earn Compete Points, redeemable at numerous online retailers and services.

  • Compete Blog

Highlights how people are using the Internet and where interesting, useful sites can be found. The Compete blog is one of the premier blogging sites on the web and has been recognized for its timely, entertaining and fun commentary across a wide range of topics.




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