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Quitting smoking is one of the toughest things you'll ever do. In fact, most smokers try to quit at least several times before they finally succeed. That's why we created Committed Quitters®.

Committed Quitters® is a special service provided by NicoDerm® CQ®, Nicorette® and Commit®. We recognize that every smoker is different, which is why we offer both a choice of stop-smoking Quit Aids and Committed Quitters®, the individualized stop-smoking plan that helps you overcome your unique barriers to quitting smoking.

You increase your chances of successfully quitting when you use a stop-smoking plan with the right stop-smoking Quit Aid. Committed Quitters® significantly increases your chances of quitting. For example, Committed Quitters has been clinically proven to improve success rates with NicoDerm® CQ® by 28% at end of treatment compared to non-tailored materials (those that are not individualized to each person). So why go it alone when you have Committed Quitters®?

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