Accurate Thermometer, Hygrometer, Barometer, Data Logger, Humidity Transmitter, Temperature Transducer, Monitoring System, Data Acquisition


COMET System s.r.o. company is in the business of developing and manufacturing computerized measuring devices since 1991. Currently the most of the production contents datalogging measuring systems in several type families, humidity and temperature transmitters and portable thermo-hygro-barometers.

Company is concentrated especially to the high technological level of its products. Sales of the instruments are realised especially through authorized partners. Offers for partnership from companies involved in similar systems sales and installations in other countries are appreciated. In case of the interest please contact:

Company established by development engineers of testers for production of integrated circuits and semiconductors. Company were concentrated to development and manufacturing of instruments for sport flying (altimeters, variometers, barographs). Minor product was an emulator for 8048 microprocessors.

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