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Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast Cable, helps put the power of cable to use for local, regional and national advertisers. We are focused on moving the industry forward in advanced technologies and innovative products and services to reach audiences most effectively and efficiently.

Headquartered in New York City with offices throughout the country, Comcast Spotlight has 3,500 sales professionals across five divisions.

Comcast Spotlight has a presence in nearly 90 markets with approximately 30 million owned and represented subscribers.

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While Comcast is focused on creating value for its subscribers, Comcast Spotlight is focused on creating value and opportunity for its advertisers. We’ve created a television marketplace where both large and small advertisers can leverage the latest message delivery technologies, the most insightful marketing intelligence and the most innovative promotional opportunities. This approach – and the infrastructure behind it – allows us to create customized and compelling solutions for each advertiser.

While this is our overall vision, the multi-dimensional strategies below help guide our ever-growing ability to serve our customers and innovate for our advertisers:

1. Market Consolidation Comcast partners with other cable companies in many markets to form interconnects that make buying cable advertising easier. Advertisers can now reach all cable subscribers in a market with one-stop shopping -- one buy, one tape, and one invoice. Comcast's infrastructure of standardized interconnects provides a consistent buying experience in multiple markets. Comcast Spotlight now has more interconnects than any single broadcast group has owned and operated stations.

2. State-of-the-Art Promotional and Marketing Opportunities Cable network brands are some of the most valuable and recognizable brands today. Advertisers can take advantage of the great affinity viewers have for their favorite cable networks. Comcast Spotlight can tailor robust marketing campaigns that will leverage the connection between viewers and their favorite networks.

3. Standardized Network Offerings Comcast Spotlight is creating a consistent offering of 50 networks across our interconnects, allowing advertisers to buy the same networks across multiple markets. Standardized network offerings across markets reinforce Comcast Spotlight’s commitment to creating a cable advertising model that better meets the needs of today's media community.

4. Expansive Research Capabilities Comcast Spotlight collaborates with other cable companies to standardize national measurement practices that demonstrate the value of cable advertising. Comcast Spotlight subscribes to quantitative, qualitative, and business intelligence research tools such as Nielsen Media Research, Scarborough Research, and Mediamark Research Inc, in order to target audiences precisely.

5. Advanced Technology Comcast Spotlight is deploying new product extensions that will provide advertisers with the ability to customize messaging to target audiences across key markets through advanced geographic and demographic segmentation capabilities. Specifically, Adtag™ and Adcopy™ allow advertisers to segment the market by sub-DMA criteria -- geographic, demographic, or psychographic -- using aggregate data. Adtag and Adcopy boost the efficiency of the cable buy and are exclusive to cable advertising.

What’s more, Comcast Spotlight is developing new media solutions to redefine our business in the minds of our customers and to offer advertisers leading-edge advertising applications that shadow the advancements Comcast Cable is making with new products and services. Comcast Spotlight offers advertisers the opportunity to extend their brands on the Internet by pairing video buys with a presence on broadband sites. In addition, promotional websites and industry-specific sites provide advertisers with optimum branding capabilities.


In 2002, Comcast and AT&T Broadband completed a merger totaling $47.5 billion, which combined systems to serve over 21 million video customers in 41 states. One of the main assets to the merger was Comcast acquiring the AT&T Advertising Sales which had recently begun branching into local spot advertising. AT&T Advertising Sales was renamed Comcast Advertising Sales and spread into Comcast's other DMAs across the United States. After numerous other mergers and acquisitions in the following years, Comcast had many various advertising sales divisions under many different names and was looking for a way to group them under one national brand name. Comcast Spotlight was the name chosen after much debate and a two month contest in which employees could submit names for consideration. Comcast Spotlight was officially announced on February 2, 2005, with Charlie Thurston named the president.

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PROMAX Awards - The PROMAX Awards are recognized as the highest accolade for promotion and marketing professionals working in today's electronic media. Promax North America 2006

1. Gold for Kasey Adult Program Promotion - Kahne Showcar Appearance

2. Gold for Marketing Presentation Internal - Multicultural 2005 "The Power of Diversity" Video

3. Gold for Multi Genre Promotion - Simply Balanced 2006

4. Silver for Directing - Brandscape

5. Silver for Interstitial ID/Brand Promotion - Brandscape

6. Silver for Multi Genre Promotion - Home In On It 2006

7. Silver for On-Air Sales Promotion - Launch

8. Silver for Original Music Composition for a Promo - Brandscape

9. Silver for Special Project - Be A Holiday Helper

10. Silver for Sports Program Promotion - The Golf Channel ON DEMAND Workshop

Promax World Gold 2006

1. Silver for Directing- Brandscape

Telly Awards - The Telly Awards are given annually to honor local, regional and cable television commericials & programs as well as the finest video and film productions.

1. Silver Telly for Use of Animation - Simply Balanced 2006

2. Finalist for Media Promotion - Spotlight VOD BNU

3. Finalist for Sales - VOD Experience 2005

4. Finalist for Sales - Sports Spectacular

5. Finalist for Use of Animation - Thrill Ride

6. Finalist for Use of Graphics - Thrill Ride

7. Finalist for Use of Animation - Drive of a Lifetime

8. Finalist for Information- Jeff Gordon Safety Tips

9. Finalist for Use of Graphics - Perfect Drives

10. Finalist for Use of Animation - Be a Holiday Helper

11. Finalist for Information - Home In On It 2006

12. Finalist for Art Direction - Home In On It 2006

13. Finalist for Use of Graphics - Simply Balanced 2006

14. Finalist for Automotive Commercial - Take Charge of the Road

15. Finalist for Use of Animation - Take Charge of the Road

16. Finalist for Use of Graphics - Take Charge of the Road

17. Finalist for Art Direction - Take Charge of the Road

18. Finalist for Low Budget - Multicultural 2005

EMMY Award - New York Chapter

Lifetime Breast Cancer Awareness - Nominee for Public Service Announcements


CTAM Gold Mark Award for Comcast Spotlight's External Brand Launch Campaign.

CTAM Silver Mark Award for Adtag & Adcopy Sales Videos in the Ad Sales Marketing category.

CableFAX 100 Charlie Thurston, President, and Warren Schlichting, VP, New Business Strategy, each were named one of "Cable's 100 Heavy Hitters" by CableFAX Magazine.

MSO of the Year Silver Bell Award awarded by the Ad Council for extraordinary support of Ad Council initiatives.

CableWORLD's first annual Local Ad Sales Award for experimentation, innovation and leadership.

Telly Awards - The Telly Awards are given annually to honor outstanding local, regional and cable television commercials & programs, as well as the finest video and film productions.

1. Silver (top award) for the Lifetime Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

2. Finalist for Motorsports 2005 Video

3. Finalist for Spot Cable Finally Delivers Brand Video

4. Finalist for ESPN Chris Berman Promotional Campaign

5. Finalist for Home In On It Promotional Campaign

6. Finalist for Recruitment Campaign

7. Finalist for Comcast Spotlight's brand Video

PROMAX Awards - The PROMAX Awards are recognized as the highest accolade for promotion and marketing professionals working in today's electronic media.

1. Gold for CVS Pharmacy Premieres Video

2. Gold for Home In On It Promotional Campaign

3. Gold for Motorsports 2005 Video

4. Silver for Simply Balanced Promotional Campaign

5. Silver for Lifetime Breast Cancer Awareness Promotional Campaign

6. Silver for Spot Cable Finally Delivers Brand Video

7. Silver for "Starburst" Logo Animation Brand Video

CAB President's Award to Warren Schlichting for significant contributions to the growth of cable advertising, resulting from his VOD advertising efforts.

CTAM Mark Award Finalist for Comcast Spotlight's External Brand Launch Campaign

CTAM Mark Award Finalist for Adtag & Adcopy Sales Videos in the Ad Sales Marketing category


Multichannel News Innovator Award in the ad sales category for attracting new clients and expanding budgets via the use of segmenting tools, Adtag & Adcopy

Jack Myers Report SILVER AWARD for "2004 Media Innovators of the Year"

Charlie Thurston was recognized as one of the CABLEFAX 100 for Comcast Spotlight's achievements in local cable ad sales

Vicki Lins was named a Woman to Watch by Multichannel News & WICT's New York Chapter for industry leadership.

CTAM Gold Mark Award for The Motorsports Program in the Internal Communications category.

Finalist Telly for Multicultural Sales Video. The Telly Awards are given annually to honor outstanding local, regional and cable television commercials & programs, as well as the finest video and film productions


Multichannel News Innovator Award in the ad sales category in recognition of Spotlight's achievements in interconnecting markets.

CAB Award in Achievement in National/Regional Spot Sales for the Cingular Wireless Comedy Castaways Promotion


Eastern Division:

The People

Leadership Bios

Dave Kelly, Divisional Vice President, Malvern, PA

Kim Woodworth, Regional Vice President, Malvern, PA

Mike Wall, Regional Vice President, Hunt Valley, MD

Jim Gallagher, Vice President/General Manager, Philadelphia, PA

Chuck Wurst, Vice President Finance, Malvern, PA

Dan Ripp, Vice President, Technical Operations, Malvern, PA

Lisa Andreola-Kelly, Sr. Director Human Resources, Malvern, PA

Ann Letizi, Sr. Director Marketing, Malvern, PA

Field Human Resource Representatives

Mid-Atlantic Market- Lisa Andreola-Kelly, Senior Director of HR: 610-350-2710

Mid-Atlantic Market- Kathryn Tribuiani, Manager Human Resources: 610-350-2781

Baltimore/Salisbury Market- Julie Bauerie, Manager Human Resources: 410-568-1125

Philly/Hlly Market- Linda Cook, Manager Human Resources: 610-350-2711

Pittsburgh Market- Pat Gempe, Manager Human Resources: 412-444-2026

Washington/Richmond Market- Doris Washington, Manager Human Resources: 240-482-2510

Key Accomplishments

· First Comcast System developed into an ADS platform (All Digital Simulcast) that allows us to add more digital channels for insertion, and run both analog and digital cable plants.

· 3 Operations Centers within the division.

·, a centralized order entry platform, deployed simultaneously through all three operations centers.

· Advertising VOD launched throughout the entire division enabling us to sell within the VOD arena.

· Serves as a company pilot site and hasbegan to deploy non-Veba (non-video enabled banner ads).

· Direct tune capabilities which allows a viewer to force tune to the VOD platform to get additional information about a product or service, will be deployed by the end of August throughout the division.

· Migrating to version 3.2 for Eclipse traffic users which will provide improved capabilities.

· Establishing performance standards for all operations groups in 2006 to ensure quality and consistent technical training.

Midwest Division

The People

Leadership Bios

Roland Trombley, Divisional Vice President, Bingham Farms, MI

Joe Berwanger, Regional Vice President - Michigan, Bingham Farms, MI

Lori Bell Shuk, Vice President Marketing and Research, Bingham Farms, MI

Peter Heisinger, Vice President/General Manager - Chicago Region, Chicago, IL

Fred Holdsworth, Vice President Finance, Bingham Farms, MI

Patrick McGrath, Vice President Operations, Bingham Farms, MI

Phil Paligraf, Vice President/General Manager - Central Region, Indianapolis, IN

Kathleen Waynick, Senior Director of Human Resources, Bingham Farms, MI

Field Human Resource Representatives

MW Division, Kathy Waynick, Sr. Director of HR: 248-723-2512

Michigan Region, Danielle Boots, HR Manager: 248-728-1440

Chicago, Beth Berger, Sr. HR Manager: 847-384-5077

Central Region, Lisa Work, HR Manager: 317-275-6285

NorthCentral Division

The People

Leadership Bios

John Bordeleau, Divisional Vice President, North Darthmouth, MA

Stephen Flaim, Vice President/General Manager - Boston DMA, Wellesley, MA

Jeff Carroll, Vice President/General Manager - Houston DMA, Houston, TX

Charlie Korabek, Vice President Engineering and Operations, Wellesley, MA

Bill O'Brien, Vice President Finance, Wellesley, MA

Susan Perry, Senior Director Human Resources, Wellesley, MA

Field Human Resource Representatives

Christine Carroll, HR Generalist: 781-416-0199

Gretchen McCarthy, HR Generalist: 781-416-0121

Southern Division

The People

Leadership Bios

Jon Ozor Divisional, Vice President, Norcross, GA

Barry Corcoran, Divisional VP Finance, Norcross, GA

Dave Carter, Area VP Ad Sales, Nashville, TN

Serena Dickerson, Area VP Ad Sales, Norcross, GA

Theresa Fletcher, Area VP Ad Sales, Miramar, FL

Jeff Stone, Area VP Ad Sales, Norcross, GA

Field Human Resource Representatives

Jeff Hamstad, Area Vice President: (720) 267-3523

Henry Pastor, Division Sr. HR Manager: (770) 559-2985

Western Division

The People

Leadership Bios

Rick Stanley Divisional Vice President, San Francisco, CA: (415) 315-1101

Barry Bruce, VP Finance & Accounting San Francisco, CA: (415) 315-1104

Bernie Fischer, Director Marketing Englewood, CO: (720) 267-3513

John Fitzpatrick, VP Technical Operations San Francisco, CA: (415) 315-1153

Neil Gratton, Director Information Technology Englewood, CO: (720) 267-3512

Steve Klein, Director Interactive Sales, Englewood, CO: (720) 267-3510

Darren LaMarr, Division Production Lead, Seattle, WA: (206) 270-4751

Jackie Lopey, Division Field Marketing Lead, San Francisco, CA: (415) 315-1167

Lucette Mercer, Senior Director Research & Marketing Englewood, CO: (720) 267-3525

Open VP, Finance & Accounting Englewood, CO --

Division Market Bios

Greg Bennett, VP/GM Seattle Seattle, WA: (206) 286-1818 x 1309

Jeff Carroll, VP/GM Salt Lake City Salt Lake City, UT: (801) 488-5650

Jeff Johnson, GM Spokane, Spokane, WA: (509) 755-4720

John Hurley, VP/GM Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM: (505) 341-6723

Joni Claerbout, VP/GM Sacramento & Fresno, Sacramento, CA: (916) 552-2436

Kurt Kennedy, VP/GM Colorado, Denver, CO: (303) 603-6114

Lynne Mueller, GM Monterey, Monterey, CA: (831) 392-2026

Maureen Fisher, VP/GM Portland, Portland, OR: (503) 535-6101

Mike Parisi, Director of Sales Fresno, Fresno, CA: (559) 455-4207

Partick Graham, Local Sales Manager Colorado Springs, Colorado Springs, CO: (719) 473-2731 x35103

Ben Watkins, Local Sales Manager Grand Junction, Grand Junction, CO: (970) 245-8025

Open- VP/GM San Francisco, San Francisco, CA

Field HR

West Division- Jeff Hamstad, Area Vice President: 720-267-3523

Denver/SLC/ABQ- Nicole Frazier, Sr. Manager, HR: 720-267-3536

Denver/Wyoming- Chris Mendoza, HR Rep: 303-603-6153

Portland/Spokane- Dani Bahrt, HR Manager: 503-535-6151

Central CA- Kimberly Castillo, HR Manager: 916 552-2456

San Fransico/ Montery- Krista Heieck, HR Manager: 415-315-1109

Seattle- Jennifer Smithwick, HR Manager: 206-378-6170

Headquarter Address

1114 Ave of the Americas 21st fl
New York NY 10036 US


Comcast Spotlight, Jessica DelGuercio
+1 917 934 1983

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