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Collection Database Software for Windows and Mac OS X: catalog your inventory of CDs, DVDs, books, games, etc..


In October 1994, Alwin Hoogerdijk and Mark-Jan Harte both start their first job as programmers at the SIG company in Utrecht, the Netherlands. At the time, both were already active in the shareware business: Mark-Jan was selling the card-game program Canasta, Alwin was selling his sound-editor program NoiseMaster.

In 1996, Alwin Hoogerdijk started on a database program to catalog his own growing CD collection. After a while, the program worked well enough for his own CDs. So In May 1996, he decided to go ahead and release it as shareware, to see what would happen. This was the 1.0 release of Music Collector, at the time called Keep it Compact.

In 2000, both Alwin and Mark-Jan had other jobs, Mark-Jan at the ABN Amro bank, Alwin at Lost Boys. But they still kept in touch. In April 2000, they decided to join forces. They merged their shareware businesses and founded the company Bitz & Pixelz. Both started working part-time at their day jobs, to be able to spend more time on expanding Keep it Compact into a series of cataloging programs under the name From then on, every Wednesday and Sunday was spent programming.

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