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Here they are: Belgium (1989/90), Iran (1976), and Illinois, USA (2000). (Go ahead, click on them.) Maybe you can solve them. The first two are verified as not being hoaxes, delusions, folklore, myths, misinterpreted events, natural occurrences, military tests or fabrications, the planet Venus, etc. That verification comes from governmental agencies (FOIA lawsuits) and the Belgium NATO Air Force (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) respectively.

In the first case above, the Belgium high command stated they felt that what they chased, upwards of 75 minutes, was intelligently controlled. Go ahead and look closely at the Belgium report again. People with technical skills can check out the gun camera numerical data from that case. As you may have already noticed, the second case, Iran, was verified via the Freedom of Information Act.

The third case, Illinois, was fully investigated and its existence confirmed by NIDS, a group of PH. D.'s including Edgar Mitchell, 6th man to walk the moon, and retired policemen who have performed their investigations. Similar to what was seen in the well-investigated (by both civilian and military analysts) Belgium sightings, an apparent "craft" of some sort has been verified here in the United States and witnessed by police officers in three separate towns. You can see an analysis of this case at Darryl Barker's excellent web site along with a free video of one policemen's testimony. (T.V. producers, you're missing something if you don't contact him and air his research.) Although NIDS has not ruled out the possibility of a military black project, we have yet to see any of this displayed in a military arena.

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