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CMS Software Ltd is a leading provider of document management systems, email security and support services designed for organisations of all sizes across a multitude of business sectors.

Our systems are designed to offer you flexibility in storing documents electronically. We use the latest technology in both software and hardware to create the best system for you organisation.

We have developed and installed systems that offer full or semi automation in the processing of forms and other business related documents that include:-

Electronic network faxing Archiving of important documents in electronic format, PDF. TIFF etc Management of historical archives without the need for large filing cabinets Indexing and retrieval of your data using customer defined search terms Scanning remotely for document capture and distribution Automated data capture from documents received, i.e. purchase invoices, despatch notes Barcode capture for indexing and retrieval Forms Processing ,OCR and ICR Character Recognition, including hand written characters Purchase invoice data capture and export to your system Automation of received documents Document Management We provide cost effective Document Management systems for all your important electronic or hard copy documentation. With our experience of Document Management we are able to bring together many different technologies to offer you a wide range of hardware and software solutions to meet your needs.

Image Viewers - for “bookmarking” specific detailed images, such as maps, plans and technical drawings. Allowing for annotations, scale measuring and light table functions within the software. Forms Processing - designed for data extraction and input into a Document Management system or third party such as Sharepoint, Oracle etc. Ideal for Invoice processing and extraction of key data from a large volume of received documents (either electronic or hard copy) Reports management – allowing your system generated reports to be stored electronically. Statements and remittances can now be sent via our Electronic Document Distribution (EDD) system. Company logo’s and overlay can be added to make your company stationery to enhance the appearance of the delivered documents. Document Scanners - developed by some of worlds leading manufacturers in document scanning. We offer Canon and Fujitsu scanners capable of scanning speeds from 30 ppm to 128ppm. Redaction software – Designed specifically to protect outgoing files or printed hard copy documents. Able to protect sensitive data and make you compliant with Data Protection and Freedom of Information legal requirements. Electronic Network Faxing – This software turns your workstation into a fax machine. No need to worry about missing another fax again. Send and receive faxes from your desktop, just like an email.

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