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CMPB | DFG Research Center Molecular Physiology of the Brain - DFG Research Center Molecular Physiology of the Brain


The CMPB is one of five DFG Research Centers funded by the German Research Foundation ("Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft", DFG) to concentrate scientific expertise in innovative research fields. The central aim of the CMPB is to conduct a detailed analysis of the molecular processes and interactions of nerve cells with the long term goal to develop and improve therapies for psychiatric, neurological and neurodegenerative disorders. In addition to conducting high quality research, the CMPB supports the advancement of junior scientists at all levels - from high school pupils to Junior Group Leaders.

The CMPB unites research groups located in Göttingen to address fundamental questions in the neurosciences. The Georg-August University Göttingen, with its prominent Medical School and Departments of Biology and Physics, two Max-Planck Institutes and the German Primate Center form the framework of the CMPB. Recently researchers form these traditional institutions have founded the European Neuroscience Institute Göttingen (ENI-G), the Institute for Multiple Sclerosis Research and the Göttingen Center for Molecular Biology (GZMB). This multitude of Centers establishes Göttingen as a Center of Excellence in the Neurosciences.


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