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Clubhost City was fracked in 1997 and grew quickly mainly due to word of mouth from our customers. We are based in Texas, USA. Unlike many hosting companies, we offer true 24/7 customer support. We use powerful dual Xeon processors with 2GB of RAM and Pentium 4 processor servers with a full gig of RAM. We also utilize 100Mb/sec. ports compared to 10MB/sec ports many other hosts use which results in faster speeds. We're not a fly-by-night company - we've been in business for years.
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101-1001 W Broadway
Vancouver BC V6H 4E4 Canada


Spiral Light Industries, LC
+1 518 571 3216

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The number above is always busy 24hrs a day. I would venture say it's a fake number.

I use clubhostcity and their service has went extremely south in the past year. I'm pretty close to taking all my accounts elsewhere.

When I use the main contact info from thier website, the phone number rings to the same guys cell phone. How much support do they really offer?

Sales Inquiries Billing Inquiries Support Phone 1.877.868.4777

JayT 02:46, 17 June 2007

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