First Internet Clown School. Academy of Performing Arts in Clowning


Imagine not having to worry about getting to class on time because the courses are available to you whenever you would like to logon. Imagine an educational course so practical that you can take what you learn online in the morning and put it to use that afternoon.

Anyone beginning an Internet course for the first time has reservations. Many students feel that they will receive "less of an education" by taking a web course rather than a traditional classroom lecture course. Many are afraid that they will not be able to handle the technology. While these concerns are understandable, they are not accurate. Research has shown that distance learning students perform as well or better than traditional classroom students. Learn at you own pace at home.

I began clowning 15 years ago after attending a week-long summer clown school. Since that first school, I have attended a least 12 additional schools. I have taught at many workshops and conventions as well as directing the clowning division of the SC Southern Baptist Creative Ministry Festival for 9 years. I have successfully conducted two weekend workshops in Columbia, SC. Clowning full-time for these 15 years, my experience has been broad. I have performed at:

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