Title - Buying and Selling Internationally - Exports & Imports for everyone!

Description is an e-commerce tool that brings both your local and international market even closer. Founded in September 2003, began differentiating itself in the e-commerce market by bringing international goods from all over the world and local goods into the same venue to offer buyers the widest range of products possible at the most competitive prices. Additionally, is extremely beneficial to the seller by offering a multitude of advanced marketing, customer service and procurement tools.

Closo's mission is to make online buying and selling efficient, safe, trustworthy and fair by allowing face-to-face trades and using tools and verification systems that eliminate all types of fraud that both buyers and sellers are subject to on similar websites. is a growing marketplace with endless potential. There are merchants and customers all over the world who are afraid to trade at a distance, yet they have quality goods to buy and sell. is dedicated to attracting these customers by providing local pickups as an option by using our web-based messaging system as communication. This option is also an excellent tool for international buyers and sellers to communicate and make sure that each party is completely satisfied with the transaction.

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