Fehrenbach - Original Schwarzwälder Kuckucksuhren


For more than 50 Years Rudi Fehrenbach has been working as a Master Woodcarver. The Fehrenbach's have worked for FIVE generations hand carving and assembling the finest quality cuckoo clocks. Rudi and his son, Bernd, like the generations before them continue in the "TIME HONORED" tradition of hand carving and assembling cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest Region of Germany. The Fehrenbach's have established their own successful business.

Their business is located in the heart of the beautiful Black Forest area in the southern part of Germany. Many tourists visit this area to spend their vacations at all times of the year. Guests often watch Rudi at his daily work and watch while he performs the unique work of hand carving cuckoo clocks.

To make the art of hand carving clocks more popular, Rudi and his son, Bernd, leave the Black Forest Region to attend exhibitions, craft fairs, and Christmas markets. Most exhibitions were previously national in nature, however, most recently the fairs and markets have become international and the clocks are marketed in the United States, Austria, and Japan to name a few.

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