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ClipShop© Copyright Bill Buckels 1991-2007. All Rights Reserved.

Version 2.0 (Win32 Release for XP)

ClipShop™ and Ye Olde Clip Shoppe™ are trademarks of Bill Buckels.
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This domain is the home of Ye Olde Clip Shoppe™ Deluxe, a computer program written by Canadian Software Developer Bill Buckels.

About ClipShop™

ClipShop is a "Legacy Graphics" utility program which allows you to view, edit, save and print Old PrintShop, PrintMaster, and PrintPartner ClipArt.
ClipShop also supports viewing, editing, saving and printing of other older graphics and text file formats including BSaved, PCPaint Pictor PIC, PCX and BSV.
Apple II HIRES Images and many Commodore 64 Image Formats are supported as well.
The currently displayed ClipArt or graphic can also be copied to the Windows Clipboard to be used in other programs, to compose a new screen image, or converted to other formats like Windows BMP, Pictor PIC, PCX, or BSaved.
ClipShop supports both page size and "screen-scale" printing and Clipart catalog printing and saving to BMP is also provided.
When ClipShop was first released, its use was limited to supporting Legacy ClipArt in Windows. ClipShop was expanded a great deal for the 2007 Windows XP rewrite (ClipShop Deluxe), including support for other Legacy Graphics formats.
ClipShop now supports the features that we have come to expect in a Windows XP application, including File Associations, ShortCut Menus, and integrated printing functionality.
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About ClipShop's Author Bill Buckels

Bill Buckels started his career in Software Development in the 1980's while working as a product designer with vector based computer graphics on "mainframe" Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) systems. Heavily influenced by computer magazine articles about graphics programming by other programmers of the day like Steve Rimmer (Computing Now Magazine) and the already well established PC Graphics program market, he moved very quickly to a new career as a professional Graphics Programmer.
The market for graphics programs was (and is) highly competitive and by the early 1990's it became clear that all but the niche markets for specialized graphics programs were filled with very good products, and not much more than an average living could be made unless one was both an exceptionally lucky or brilliant programmer or both. Being only average in both these areas, and after finding the same held true while trying his hand programming in the already established computer music and educational program markets, Bill moved to programming in the larger market of specialized business systems, which he still does professionally today.
From that time to this Bill has produced ShareWare and FreeWare in the areas of Graphics, Computer Music, and Children's Educational Programs, which he does as a hobby as time permits. His latest efforts continue to focus in those areas, and in re-writing his older ShareWare and FreeWare for the systems of today. His recent efforts also include documenting the almost forgotten systems of yesterday and providing the latest generation of programmers and users with articles about these old systems some which are posted on WikiPedia and other online forums.


Winnipeg MB Canada

Other Information

About Previous Releases of ClipShop™

This release of ClipShop includes the following Applications previously released by ClipShop's author Bill Buckels or the (expanded) functionality of them:

ClipShop Version 1.1 Old PrintShoppe ClipArt Utility
XSHOP Old PrintShoppe Clipart Converter
ICONDRAW - Old PrintShoppe Graphics Editor
ShopSave Graphics Plaything - Old PrintShoppe ClipArt SDK for DOS
WINBMP - DOS BSaved Text Screen to BMP Conversion Utility
WSQUASH - BMP Image Scaling Utility
CGA2BMP - CGA Graphics Conversion to BMP Utility
STIX - Children's Sticker Draw

About ClipShop™ Wannabe's

In 1999, an Internet search for the term "ClipShop" turned-up practically nothing, except a quote from an essay by George Orwell. It was for that reason of uniqueness as well as being an appropriate description that the name ClipShop was chosen for this program.
ClipShop™ Version 1.1 (the previous more limited 16 bit version) travelled around the world from that time to this and can still be found in many online software libraries.
In 2007, an Internet search for "ClipShop" will result in some listings for software products or services of the same name, but make no mistake about it; This is the genuine authorized and expanded second release of the Original ClipShop™ Legacy Graphics and Clipart Editor for Windows XP.

ClipShop© Copyright Bill Buckels 1991-2007
All Rights Reserved.

ClipShop™ and Ye Olde Clip Shoppe™ are trademarks of Bill Buckels.
Accept No Imitations.

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