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Cape Town Beach Accommodation

The simple desire of CLIFTON ON SEA is to give all our guests access to the Clifton, Bantry Bay and Camps Bay lifestyle where they can experience and become part of the jet set, in this unique and spectacular environment.

Owners Gavin Povey and Errol McLean say that CLIFTON ON SEA was set up to offer a unique range of self catering accommodation with their Cape Town beach house rentals and services to the traveler.

Unique Luxury Beach House Rentals

The company offers the very best of self catering beach accommodation in luxury beach houses, apartments and vacation villa rentals on the Atlantic Seaboard of Cape Town. What makes the CLIFTON ON SEA experience unique, apart from its exceptional Clifton beach accommodation, is the hotel-style services that are supplied, including 24-hour guest coordinators, masseurs, private chefs, private trainers and more.

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