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Without doubt the Nike Air Max Classic BW is absolutely the most popular and most seen sneaker in the Low Countries since he was launched in 1991. It became an icon as part of the West European culture, closely connected with the gabber and jump style scene. Because a lot of youngsters are interested in, attracted by or loves those sneakers in one way or another, Classic-boys decided to launch a website to offer you a unique platform about these sneakers. Since September 2002 it is the only website in the world solely dedicated to those Maxxies, and since April 2008 it has been restyled to enlarge its possibilities. Here you can find a broad wide of information, pictures, news, colour catalogue, scientific background, clothing advice, life style,... about Nike Air Max Classic BW and (in the near future) you will be able to buy new and used Classics, socks, pictures,... and to come into contact with other youngsters and their sneakers. This website only can be alive and kicking when it is up-to-date and interactive, so we need your cooperation. May we ask you to send us your information and suggestions, pictures, (fetish) experiences,...? Just do it, tell your friends about Classic-boys and enjoy this website!
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