ratings and stastistics of Armenian web resources.


Circle.Am: Rating and Statistics for Armenian Web Resources


Circle.Am is rating and statistics system for Armenian Web Resources. It is developed and is being run by an individual with help of his friends. Server is co-located on UNDP/FreeNet network having direct connectivity with most of Armenia's Internet Providers; external channel is 640/448 kbps downlink/uplink port to Germany. Technologies used are of open-source type.

If making simple, Circle.Am is aiming at answering the question "who is the best, who is the most popular", but this is not the only outcome of the system. It is now proven that it is great opportunity to promote Web Sites - if Site is member of Circle.Am then checking log files of the server running this Site will show that Circle.Am is among of the top referrers for that Site (for many Sites it is the top referrer). Next, it is catalogue of Armenian Web Sites where there are no broken links and there are no Sites with illegal or adult content. Sites with illegal content or adult Sites are not allowed in: e.g. cracks, serials, viruses, nudity and similar.

Circle.Am Services are free of change for members and for visitors. There is although banner space, which is available to advertisers for fee. Banner's place and cost are negotiable. For more info contact us.

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Avetis K. Avagyan

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