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AE Tech.Com, Inc.
Indianapolis IN
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AE Tech.Com, Inc.
United States 46219-6612


The church architectural drawings (blueprints) offered here are affordable (Saving about 40% to 60% the normal church design cost) because they are pre-designed churches. Our archived church building drawings have been designed by our company over the past 30 years, vary in size and are designed to meet many different congregational needs. Some of the church plans can be mirrored to double the building size with minimum changes to the building.

We will customize the church plan to meet the needs of your church, your building codes and your geographical zones. Often building exteriors are changed to match existing buildings. Our architects attend site observation inspections if required for construction. All of our church plans will meet the standards of the American Disabilities Act.

Electrical, HVAC and plumbing drawings are included with your church plan purchase as are many other architectural drawings. Reproducible prints and a CD of the drawings along with specifications will be included with your purchase.

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