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That's me in Nicaragua. A physicist by profession, I'm teaching math and science to young people in tropical countries. There, especially in Nicaragua , I learned how to give and take cariño (tender affection). I liked my time in France at UNESCO though , where Paris has become my patria universal. I was raised in Germany and will hopefully continue to change places and cultures. I'm very taken to the flair of former Portuguese colonies: Angola, Goa... and one day I must see São Tomé. My music ranges from S.&Garfunkel, Oregon, Tori Amos and Metallica to Bach & Satie. I like people and their languages; anybody i nterested in Yiddish, Miskito, Cambodian ? I had the chance to live in Kenya for one year, too short for this diverse country and its beautiful people. Now, I'm living in Manila, Philippines, learning about the country and Tagalog, and waiting for interesting things to happen...
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Carretera Sur
Managua 1000 NICARAGUA


Grandt, Christoph

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