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Note: As of February 2012 at least, is not a working website.

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E-church depot is a new company committed to providing resources for local churches at a great price. The company was formed when the management of Christian Publications Inc. purchased part of that company. So, e-church depot is new, but it carries forward a history of over 100 years of experience as a supplier of curriculum and other church resources for the Christian church. Bringing this history into the new company guarantees exceptional service and the best possible price for every church customer. Staff members are familiar with the needs of each account previously served by Christian Publications and are trained and prepared to serve the needs of churches that are just discovering e-church depot for the first time. Personalized service is also available by calling 800.233.4443 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.

E-church depot is committed to the church. Providing resources at reasonable prices is just the start. Expect exceptional service because this is also a priority.

Within a few months visitors will observe the transformation of this site into a unique resource center for the church. Additions will include practical articles written by those in church ministry along with free resources and online assistance for those seeking specific help. Your questions, comments and suggestions are valued as we strive to build this site to best serve the needs of your church.

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