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"Chosen To Serve" Fine Dining


Vice President, Minister Charity Carrie Cross
P.O. Box 56
Klamath Falls, Oregon 97601


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My Vision Statement

My vision is a very simple one indeed. For all I want in life, is to make people happy through thier stomachs.Everyone needs to eat, and I plan on feeding them. I want to make sure when they leave, they are full.

Now whichever way that may come. Whether it is through a restaurant, some type of catering business, from the house, or just simple family meals on the weekend available to everyone that would be great. It could also maybe even be through food banks. I just like to cook.

Just letting everyone know that they could come somewhere to get a decent meal, cause believe me, I have been through the food lines that the homeless go through, and that food is either over cooked or not cooked enough, or maybe it just doesn't even have any type of flavor, and I really don't know how a lot of people could survive on that nasty food. I know it's food that they don't have, but do you honestly think that the people serving that meal would eat that themselves everyday? So why serve food that you wouldn't eat yourself?

I know I would want something that would be filling, and stick to you for the whole day. Some really good comfort food would be the best thing for them. Even have a day where you could teach them how to prepare something like that. There is a way to cook really great food in a big amount. There is no need to cut out all of the flavor.

Now the way to make it happen, would be to get food donations from different food stores and bakeries. There is always someone willing to donate food. Even have a place where people can drop off canned food. I know alot of stores get rid of food, because they can't sell it anymore, or the bakeries get rid of bread, because it's a day or two old. That doesn't mean you still can't eat it.

The menu is always going to be changing. It will always have some type of meat, starch, vegetable, bread, and a dessert of some type. Where it will always feel like a feast.

Now if you wanted to ask for donations, or even charge a small fee, that wouldn't be a bad idea. As long as they know the food is worth it, and you will always be full, there will be someone willing to pay. You could even offer it to low income families.

To use the same idea, and wrap it up, and sell single serving plates to small business', that would also work. If you come across people, you need someone to caterer their events, all you would do is just switch up the menu, or do small appetizers', veggie and fruit trays, or even little sandwiches. The main idea is just to get the food out there.

So this is my vision. May Yahweh do with it what needs to be done.

Vice President, Minister Charity Carrie Cross
"Chosen To Serve" Ministries, Inc.

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