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Complement your sourcing with these comprehensive industry-specific reports


Global Sources' China Sourcing Reports are in-depth studies that concentrate on specific sourcing industries in greater China. These profiles are gathered through on-site factory tours and exhaustive interviews with senior managers conducted by an experienced team of research analysts.

Each report contains:

•   A comprehensive overview of the featured industry, including the latest information on R&D developments, QC controls, raw-material costs, expansion and consolidation plans, and more

•  In-depth profiles of key suppliers that may or may not be Global Sources clients. These are unbiased assessments based on personal factory visits by Global Sources researchers, interviews with senior managers and thorough research by Global Sources' team of experts

•  Brief profiles or profile tables of other key suppliers in the industry. This information offers insights into supplier's capabilities, popular export models, future plans and more

•  Contact details (verified as at time of publishing) for all suppliers featured in each report: phone and fax numbers, and e-mail and homepage addresses

Some reports also contain:

•  Supplier ranking tables — that show top 10 suppliers by export sales, top 10 suppliers by capacity, top 10 suppliers by output

•  Product Comparison Tables — that show model names and numbers, multiple key features, FOB prices (US$)

•  Product Galleries — that show model names and numbers, key features, minimum order quantity, FOB prices (US$)

To see a list of current titles, and for complete information on each report, please visit China Sourcing Reports.


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