ChicagoLand Redevelopment Institute: Tailoring Solutions to Redevelopment Challenges


About the Delta Institute

The Delta Institute is a laboratory for new ideas to improve environmental quality and promote community and economic development. As a nonprofit organization, we work primarily on projects in the Great Lakes region, where recovery from more than a century of industrialization and its consequences presents special challenges.

The first is to organize the financing, technical expertise, and community support to clean up environmental contamination. The second is to enable communities blighted by contamination and disinvestment to revitalize. The third is to create the policies, infrastructure, and political will to support a sustainable future – to ensure that the ways in which people live and work do not destroy the natural resources on which all life depends.

We convene government, business and community stakeholders around common concerns, so that resources are directed to cleanup and redevelopment rather than to costly litigation. We try to create productive relationships, leverage resources, avoid duplication of effort, and promote incentives for private investment. Projects are structured for tangible results:

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