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Our immigrant ancestors came to Cheyenne as Pioneers looking for work on the Union Pacific Railroad and a chance for a better life in America. Those "Old Timers" are all gone now, but just knowing them truly enriched our lives. They were hard working people with character and simple values. They ventured forth during the Victorian Era - a time of distinct contrasts; Civilization and Wilderness, Industrial Tycoons and Immigrants, Cattle Barons and Cowboys. That legacy is part of our lives; its called the Western Spirit. We were inspired by that Spirit to honor the legacy of those Pioneers with our business name.

Naturally, we wanted to know more about the life and times of our ancestors. In so doing, we developed an appreciation for the quality and craftmanship so characteristic of the Victorian Era. Maybe that's why collecting antiques has so much appeal. Life takes on a special quality when we are fortunate enough to own and appreciate the fine craftmanship and artistry found in some of life's simplest things - particularly if they are precious family heirlooms. It's what inspired us to create CHEYENNE CRT'G.BOXES and BON TON TONSORIALS.

CHEYENNE CRT'G.BOXES are the unique and exclusive creations of Cheyenne Pioneer Products. We are the first and only company to successfully produce and economically market high quality, authentic antique style cartridge boxes on a grand scale. Each box is unique. NO one size fits all approach here - if we can't do it "RIGHT" we just won't do it! They're truly museum quality; made like the originals, only better! Using strong sturdy chipboard, with reinforced corners; they are wrapped in authentic craft paper employing original colored graphics, fully assembled and ready for use. Indeed, made for use they are; they will last a long, long time - their appearance improving with age.

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