Concise advice to help you live better and lounge

Title - concise advice to help you live better/longer & save the earth


- don't apply to you and/or you don't want to complete (e.g., by drawing a line through the checkbox and/or the item itself)

These checklists are designed so that the information you need to be aware of, and to be reminded of, is available quickly and concisely. These checklists are a great place to include items that you want to be sure to not forget "next time" or "when the time comes." The checklists are cross-referenced to other applicable checklists.

Disclaimer: These checklists are designed to make you aware of, and to remind you of, options you may have available to you. They are put on this web site with the understanding that the webmaster is not engaged in rendering legal, medical or financial advice.

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