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Charles Adler Online


Charles Adler, an outspoken, highly opinionated and engaging broadcaster tells listeners what's really going on by cutting to the heart of issues. Charles uses commentary, panel discussions and interviews with key newsmakers to provide the context to issues that matter to Canadians.

A 32-year radio and television broadcast veteran, Adler started his career when he was only 18 years old, in Montreal. He attended McGill University during the day and produced rockn'roll radio shows in the evening at CKGM. Behind the scenes was not his scene and so he moved on to Calgary in the winter of 1974 and became a rock jock for the venerable CKXL. For the next fifteen years he toured Canada, working in Vancouver, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto, London, and Winnipeg. Adler worked for several broadcast legends, including CJAD in Montreal, CHUM and CFRB in Toronto. A six year stint as News Director at CKY in Winnipeg gave Adler the motivation to crank it up a notch and get involved in talk radio. It was Calgary that gave Adler his start in talk radio where he hosted HOT TALK on CISS - AM. Adler has a unique brand of straight talk filled with humorous rants and honest observation. In 1992 Adler took his microphone to Tampa, Florida and turned Hot Talk into a nationally syndicated show hitting more than 120 markets in the USA. In 1994, he moved up to Boston, and began hosting Adler on Line, a primetime television show for which he won a Best TV Host for New England Emmy. Following a return to Canada with CFRB in Toronto in 1996, Adler joined CJOB Winnipeg, where his show has one of the highest audience share in North America. Winnipeg is where Adler has spent more than a third of his adult life and he now considers it his adopted hometown. In January 2005, the CORUS RADIO NETWORK began to air Adler on Line the National Edition. In addition to his radio broadcasts, Charles writes newspaper columns for Sun Media.

He makes daily entries on his website, and a does a TV segment each night on Global-Winnipeg, known as Adler On Global, Charles says he doesn't have time to get bored. Citizens of "Adler Nation" love him or loathe him, but rarely accuse him of being boring.

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Kettleby Communications

Hi Charles: You have a great showm, and I listen to it as much as I can. In the June 9 issue of Macleans magazine, front page it says: "Life at $200 a Barrel". I goes to say that the worst is yet to come. I"m 68, born in a farmhouse near St Paul Alberta, and I remember growing up in a world before electricity, pavement, running water, easy food etc. If we could go back to that way of life, some would say: "Great! We're moving too fast". But we can't go back to that time, . . because there are too many people on this planet now. Anyone out on a farm in the future would not be out there in a land of trees & virgin soil. They would be sitting ducks for the hungry desperate mobs surrounding them after our oil & gas is too scarse. I taught a section from a special issue of the Canadian Newspaper 20 years ago or so called: "If You Love This Planet." As you could guess, nobody wanted to hear/see it. But as a teacher, I did teach it anyway. Too bad our most important tool we have, education doesn't make get serious about where we are heading. It may be too late anyway to do anything about it. The stock market & growth of our pension funds/savings take priority. Too bad for the next generation.

About "Going Green", . . nothing is going to work unless our planet uses birth control. It will all be for nothing. Like a cancer in a human doesn't know that when it takes over the host it too will die, so too do us humans not know that when we take over our host planet earth, we too will die. Religion has a lot to do with the problem. I'm not that knowledgeable in the bible, but I hear that in the Book of Revelations, we will all go up in a firery end. Those who believe in the bible seem to go along with it and are almost happy studying it. I was hoping us humans were smarter than that. Yours truly, Walter Wychopen

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Countdown to 2010 Demonstrators

Three years to the day and it will be all down hill, however keeping things under control will be like an uphill slippery slope.

A cause that not everyone agrees with is a target for demonstrators these days. It looked like they were opposing the expense of the event compared to what they thought should be spent on housing for these seemingly homeless types. We’ve all seen how much they appreciate a free roof over their heads and even three free square meals. The house is trashed inside and out before their next welfare cheque. When they show up at a food bank, the tins and food isn’t good enough so they dump it around the corner, not even courteous enough to aim for the garbage can.   

I’m grateful we live in a country where I can stand on a street corner or sidewalk, hold a board and even repeat and shout the usual rhetoric of some off the wall poet. If my protesting represents a legal organization and/or a belief, and I'm not thrown in jail for doing so becasue I'm doing with the law on my side, then I'll continuing being proud of where I live.

When I saw the two characters barge onto the stage and yank the mikes from the speaker and their stands, I thought, who needs to go to any other country, which I will not name here, and see such hooliganism being acted out live before our eyes. In a few seconds it looked like mayhem would break out, instead my defensive attitude was confirmed by their utter criminal waste of a reason to celebrate the anticipation of what will be a real reason to stand up and cheer and host athletes from our country and more than a hundred others.

I shouldn’t be too hard on them though. They did give the security program a dry-run, I give them that much credit. It didn’t even cost an extra chunk of money to test the police and how they would respond. I see they’ve learned a lesson with not going overboard on the pepper spray. They may have used some but it wasn’t obvious. Wouldn’t a jail cell with two weeks of Olympics on a TV be appropriate punishment for these felons?

I hope we will learn some lessons from what we saw at this occasion. The range of possibilities is endless but it’s not a new thing to anticipate the worst from the human race. The Olympics is at the other end of the spectrum and I hope the athletes will demonstrate those possibilities and be recognized for their accomplishments.

I would demonstrate on their behalf but they deserve the gold. Rudy Hiebert Abbotsford

Grumpy Grandma

I also had a situation where I had parked in the alley of any older ladies house to pick up my children from school, only to be harassed by this European lady about my parking in the alley. She pointed her "no parking" sign on her fence (which she had no authority to post), and then proceeded to blockaide my vehicle when I chose to leave. The police arrived at my house that evening, I reviewed the situation with him. He said that I could charge her with blockaiding my vehicle (a Strike Law). However, he discouraged me from this as he felt that she had an European (sorry!) temper and recommended that I just apologize to her. I was mortified...however, I did apologize to her...sometimes you just have to roll over and play dead!! You can't argue with RAGE!!! and you certainly don't argue with someone with a gun in their hand...that unfortunately, is the nature of our new society!! Liz S.

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