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Chaos Cafe and Parlor

Welcome to one of SE Portland's newest Hot Spots! Chaos Cafe opened its doors in August of 2007 and since then has grown on the local Portland scene as one of its premier eateries. The keyword here is character: the entire premises were renovated and decorated by Chaos' talented local staff to include artwork and interior design from a variety of Portland's artists. Come for food, drink, and free wi-fi.

Mission Statement

Quoted from their mission statement board:

Chaos Cafe and Parlor seeks to provide a healthy and entertaining environment for people to enjoy meals, get together, study, read, listen to music or just be. In contrast to today's chaotic world, we use fresh, local and highest quality ingredients to make delicious, energizing, whole foods meals. Just as importantly, we want to create space for the arts to meet the eats, to support and hold events that help foster community and interpersonal connection. We passionately hope to inspire and be inspired.


The inner workings of the cafe from behind the mural corner.

The cafe specializes in vegetarian/vegan friendly food that tastes good and does your body right. Choose from a variety of home grown recipes including specially designed smoothies, wraps, and the beet burger (a local favorite - how the hell do they make this!?!).

...see the menu.


The feel here is distinctly old school- there's a vintage record jukebox that truly compliments the laid back and retro feel of the design here. Low ceilings and skylights give the place an intimate but expansive feel (you've got to love some natural light!).

8/25/08 marked the opening of the parlor with a showcase of some of Portland's local acoustic talents. The turnout was incredible (100+ over the night). Since then Chaos has been working to develop the Parlor into an all ages nightly venue and rentable performance space. See Chaos' myspace page for more information on specific acts by week.

Musicians/Artists wanted for showcase! Contact us via email or friend us at one of our different web profiles. The latter is preferable since we can easily see what kind of work you do. For musicians: use

A view of the cafe from the entrance.

Drinks: Wine by the glass and beer on tap (Hopworks Organic Pale Ale) or by the bottle (pitcher or glass) as well as a limited selection from the menu before midnight.

Other Services

Wifi zone.png
  • Free wifi
  • Parlor space for rental
  • Live music (in the parlor)


Medium for a cafe - entree dishes tend to be around $6-10.
Credit cards accepted.


All of Chaos' menus are put together by hand to be entirely unique.


Sunday-Thursday: 9am - 4pm
Friday-Saturday: 9am - 9pm


(All Events Are All Ages)

July in the Parlor:

  • 7/1: Melissa Mazoros, Amandalynn & Friends, Autry 8pm free
  • 7/2: Alpha Snail, A Beautiful Mess, Hannah's Field 8pm free
  • 7/3: S. Brooks, To Get Her Together 8pm free
  • 7/4: Disheveled Elephant, The Hand That Bleeds, Corpus Callosum 8pm free
  • 7/5: Marmits, Doctor Moss, Childhood Friends 8pm free
  • 7/6: *******Sunday!*******************************************
  • 7/7: Kenton, Street Plant, Time to Escape 8pm free
  • 7/8: Acoustic Devotional Dub! Sara Tone, Mike G, Sommer 8pm free
  • 7/9: Product, Regiment, Black Waters 8pm free
  • 7/10: Benjamin Ballanger, Sam Cooper, The Ivonrose Family Jaboree, Martyrs of the Apollo Guild 8pm free
  • 7/11: Midnight Callers, Tiger House, The Neat 8pm free
  • 7/12: KW Pluckett, Patterns, New Faces, New Century Schoolbook 8pm free
  • 7/13: *******Sunday!*********************************************
  • 7/14: The New Urban Decay, Father, Son, & The Holy Smokes 8pm free
  • 7/15: Mother McKensie, Def Kids, Meyercord, Sheltered Kids *wear your pajamas* 8pm free
  • 7/16: Naomi & The Courteous Rudeboys, Alpaca 8pm $8
  • 7/17: Cree Rider, Thought Train 8pm free
  • 7/18: Laazarus, St. Frankie Lee, Love Menu 8pm free
  • 7/19: Justin Ready & The Pigeons 8pm free
  • 7/20: *******Sunday!*********************************************
  • 7/21: Bats in the Belfry, Old Softy 8pm free
  • 7/22: The Blue Flowers, Temperature & Pressure 8pm $3
  • 7/23: SECOND-TO-LAST ART SHOW! Live Art: Kenny Live Music/ CD RELEASE: Fruition 8pm free
  • 7/24: Guyve, Jungle Chicken, Stealing Daisies 8pm free
  • 7/25: Bonglord & Special Guests! 8pm free
  • 7/26: Aporia & Special Guests 8pm free
  • 7/27: *******Sunday!*********************************************
  • 7/28: Cicada & The Rainy States 8pm free
  • 7/29: Folk Music!!! Tree Thugger 8pm free
  • 7/30: Ian Hooper, Andrew Saunderson, Evan Fairmont 8pm free
  • 7/31: The Feather Walls, Where the Sidewalk Ends 8pm free

See Chaos' MySpace Page for updated schedule changes.

  • E-mail Amandalynn at to book Shows and Special Events.

Web Presence

Our Pages:

Ratings Sites:


The facade of Chaos is near the intersection of 26th and Powell (south side).


2620 SE Powell Blvd.
Portland, OR 97202
Biking and walking encouraged
Parking lot 1 block east (same side of street)
On Bus lines 9 & 10

Additional Information

Community Reviews

A subsect of the AboutUs team went to check out the food a couple weeks ago and it was excellent. All the items integrated tasty (organic?) vegetables with a variety of cheeses, sauces, and extras that made everything taste great. As much as I (ChrisBabson) haven't liked beets in the past, they integrate really effectively them into the menu as a staple item (garnish and not) - they've never tasted so good to me. My two favorite dishes now are the beet burger and the beet smoothie (together). And no - it's not a beet overload! Seriously though: this place is great. The food is excellent, and it's wonderful to just sit and talk or look around at all of the amazing artwork. The place itself seems like a work of art. And this is just the cafe. As of last week (8/25) the parlor opened its doors and I found it to be equally fantastic. Whereas the cafe is more designed to be an eatery (still has wifi though), the parlor maintains the artful design but provides a more open space for doing work and hanging out. The opening night demonstrated its potential as an acoustic (and potentially full band) venue with a great turnout and great acoustics. Overall: this place is chill. ChrisBabson

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Featured on 14 February 2008

Featured Text -- Some websites' about link goes to their WikiPage. Others, like Portland's Chaos Cafe and Parlor, go one step further and redirect the domain name itself to their WikiPage! At Chaos Cafe And Parlor, not only can you enjoy their delicious menu (also a WikiPage), you can also listen to live music while enjoying a drink.

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Ray King's Comments on

  • Ray King (delighted) : Love to relax and hear local musicians here 11:30, 14 February 2008 (PST)

ShelleySchoepflinSanders's Comments on

  • ShelleySchoepflinSanders (delighted) : Love the organic vegetarian food, the atmosphere, the great tables, the friendly staff, and the commitment to socially responsible eating. Would LOVE to see some waffles on the Sunday Brunch menu! 20:32, 17 February 2008 (PST)
    • TedErnst's reply : I didn't see waffles on the Sunday brunch menu today, but they did have pancakes. 00:43, 3 March 2008 (PST)

Brandon CS Sanders's Comments on

  • Brandon CS Sanders (frustrated) : Was disappointed not to see waffles, pancakes or french toast on the breakfast menu. Are there any plans to add some syrupy delights in the future? 22:26, 19 February 2008 (PST)
  • Brandon CS Sanders (delighted) : We went to Chaos for the first time on valentines day and decided that we needed to become regulars. We went again on Saturday and are making plans for future visits!. . The food seems really healthy and definitely tastes delicious. I didn't know that kale could taste soooo good :-) Also, the art on the walls on tables of the cafe feels very energizing to me. Can you say dopamine?. . We're looking forward to catching some of the storytelling and sing-a-long events in the parlor that seem to be scheduled mostly for Sundays at 3pm. . Congratulations to the entire team at Chaos for creating such a great space. 22:22, 19 February 2008 (PST)

TedErnst's Comments on

  • TedErnst (delighted) : Brunch today was fantastic. And when the server apologized for the wait before we got our water, I felt more emotion from a server in any restaurant I've ever been in. Thanks for caring so much! 00:44, 3 March 2008 (PST)

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