CCERN - Canadian Cancer Etiology Research Network


Zetel-Neuenburg Zetel
Germany 26340


This program facilitates communications among CCERN members. It includes the Web site, which identifies the objectives and structure of CCERN, provides a means of becoming a CCERN member and allows access to the components of the CCERN Communications Program.

The CCERN Library provides information that facilitates the conduct of multi-disciplinary etiologic research. It includes a Resource Catalogue facilitating access to information resources for use in etiologic research, including related web sites, cancer maps, data sets, banks of biologic samples, and research instruments such as questionnaires. The Communications Program Committee also lobbies, in collaboration with the relevant VRCs and Discussion Groups, linkage of national and provincial data sets and fosters research based on data linkage. Chat rooms and a Discussion Groups provide synchronous and asynchronous conferencing for Protocol Parliaments and the Consultants' Corner. A Bulletin Board describes current CCERN activities. To facilitate communications with individuals outside of CCERN, material from the Bulletin Board may be published periodically as a Newsletter. CCERN library also includes a Membership List for CCERN, identifying individuals' areas of interest and expertise using key words. Search facilities allow CCERN members to identify potential colleagues with relevant skills and interests.

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