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First and foremost, CAUCE is our Members, without whom we could not have been as successful in our lobbying efforts as we have been. For information about becoming a Member of CAUCE, click here.

CAUCE began as a discussion group called SPAM-LAW, which was an outgrowth of another list called SPAM-L, the Spam Prevention and Discussion List. A number of people who participated in SPAM-L felt that legislation was necessary to stop spam from choking the life out of the Internet. To keep the list topic focused, it was decided to create a separate list, the SPAM-LAW list, to discuss options on how to further legislation to prevent spam.

The core members of CAUCE constitute the members of the SPAM-LAW list, who drafted the amendment, beat bushes, roused rabble, coded software, and generally worked their butts off to make this initiative a reality.

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Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail
Trumansburg NY
United States 14886

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