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Cathy's Coton Cuties


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Invest in the best stock - Coton de Tulear - UKC Registered & Championship stock All of our Cotons are professionally bred in Mesa, Arizona from championship stock and are home-raised to ensure optimum socialization. Our puppies and parents are health tested and guaranteed to ensure quality and long life. Contons are an incredibly healthy breed that do well in all seasons of the year. Contons have a long life span living to about 16 years. Contons are very intelligent, easy to train and are extremely devoted to their family. Cotons are alert, quick and agile and a fun lively companion. Weighing between 10-12 lbs. and between 10-12 inches tall, Cotons are are also great companions for children of all ages. Allergy friendly, Cotons shed very litttle of their coat, are dander free and free from odors. To maintain their long luxurious coat and minimize tangles or knots, Cotons need to be groomed 10-20 minutes each day. Pet and show quality puppies are available. Contact Cathy Lowdermilk at 480-641-9741 (H/O), or 480-628-0851 (C)

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