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P. Michael Blair is a revolutionary visionary when it comes to website design, web marketing, and overall internet solutions. His company, Blackhawk Interactive Web Builders, is definitely not main stream as he and his dozen webmasters and coders think outside the box. Michael gets great satisfaction from taking a basically obscure company and placing them high on in the search engine rankings.

Michael's wife, Luba, comes from a long history of family artist and functions as a senior graphics designer for the company. There four school age children have also taken up graphic design and others computer skills and continue to impress all those around.

Blair is also the District Roundtable Commission for the cub scouts. He is also collaborating with the local police and other agencies in developing other “Compu Cops.” He provides a community service by instructing parents in how to monitor their children’s computer habits as well as educating their children to practice safe internet surfing habits. Parents really seem to be receptive to this now that “dateline NBC” has been exposing predators.

As for a departing note, Michael Blair, now in his 40’s, hopes to break the world’s record in the most consecutive spins on skates sometime in 2008.

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