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Offshore, in the Financial sense, relates various activities and businesses in low or no tax jurisdictions on "off-shore" islands, which is where it is believed the term originated in the first place.

Offshoring: relates to the active movement of companies to offshore centres;Offshore Financial Centres: relates to jurisdictions which transact financial business with non-residents;Offshore banking: relates to the banking industry in offshore centres;Offshore company: A company formed in an Offshore Jurisdiction;Offshore investment: relates to the wider financial services industry in offshore centres;Offshore funds: specifically relates to collective investment in offshore centres;offshore trusts: deals with trust arranged in offshore jurisdictions.

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investorseurope, Offshore Stock Brokers, global network News 18th February 2008

Global Trading Solutions for the Offshore Trading Community

Offshore Trading with the investorseurope network Offshoretrader and Offshore Stock Brokers are part of the investorseurope network of offshore stock broker sites currently serving offshore traders and other global investors trading offshore and Online in about 69 different countries. The investorseurope network of online-offshore sites executes tax free trading for traders, High Net Worths, expatriates and institutional investors and Funds through Offshore Stock Brokers; the related Offshore Stock Brokers internet site network has a unique business strategy for investors of providing a wide infrastructural universe of investors sites focused on its target clients to offer them the widest options available anywhere in the world of Offshore Trading Platforms. These Offshore Trading Platforms are available on a private, individual basis or as to offer bespoke execution services to Offshore Companies, Partnerships, Funds (mutual funds, experienced investor funds, Hedge Funds etc.) and Trusts and are destined for Global and experienced investors; Global investors trading onshore who want to trade offshore but may need advice on how to do this; UK based investors wanting to Trade the World from the Rock with Gibraltar as the Gateway; Investors, traders and expatriates from the EU, US, South Africa and Australia wanting to start trading offshore. The investors offshore trading accounts can be in any number of currencies including the Dollar, GBP, AUD, Swedish Kroner, EURO etc and the potential client investor database is guided and targeted by a comprehensive range of investorseurope affiliate feeder sites to Offshore Stock Brokers and is composed of offshore investors from the four continents and expatriates of many nationalities who require online trading access to world stock exchanges to trade what they are interested –or specialised- in as investors. This roving offshore trading community of professional expatriates can be a demanding; it does not trade tax free on a whim and a prayer but downloads and tests the offshore trading platform(s) best suited to its specific technical, personal and technological trading requirements before opening numbered offshore trading accounts. In addition to these clients, Asset Managers, Wealth Managers and Fund Managers work with Offshore Stock Brokers most versatile trading platform called Offshore Trader because they require total individual segregation of their clients in sub accounts which allow their clients to see their individually segregated net equity at all times, in real time. This leaves the investment manager to do what he is best at, in absolute terms: trading for his clients. It takes a very good Online trading platform to do this efficiently, all the while protecting the client’s identity and automatically allocating the proportional trades done on each and every client’s behalf. These managers often become introducing brokers or introducing agents thereby receiving a contractual rebate on commissions generated by the clients they have introduced who are executing their trades through Offshore Stock Brokers. This rebate is paid free of taxes anywhere in the world in the jurisdiction or accounts requested by the introducing agent. Introducing agents do not need to be regulated but due diligence is done on these introducers per Offshore Stock Brokers regulatory requirements. Click here to see which CFD markets could be executed through Offshore Trader as at 10.01.2008

American Clients and U.S. Investors trading offshore Amongst the many other categories that compose the ranks of offshore investors world-wide, we should not forget the much abused U.S. and American traders, clients and expatriates. These U.S. offshore investors and American expatriates have been very negatively affected in terms of choice by the collateral anti-commercial damage done by the Patriot’s Act which has also served to ironically reinforce the oligopoly of the handful of incumbents in the United States, namely the American Exchanges (NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX) and three or four of the large U.S. Investment Banks currently under the cosh of the sub-prime debacle. These factors have directly or indirectly contributed to the effective banning and/ or commercially exorcism of CFDs from the U.S. (should we say “sold short”?) by the United States of America for much the same reason that spread betting was hit (and I use the word advisedly) by the current American Administration. The latest ruling by the WTO is quite an eye opener. Market orientated opinion makers in America are growing louder in their condemnation of these anti commercial, essentially anti-American measures (i.e. bad for the US economy).

Sitrep on changes in the trading world on the various continents The betting world (yes, convergence of the two is inevitable) has changed immeasurably within the last 12 months and the financial landscape has definitely changed more radically than most traditional brokers and financial institutions currently realise; the investment world or, rather, the world of investment (of investment choices) is now every man’s financial oyster and it is literally, technologically there for the taking, for the ‘investing’. There are now really no such things as exotic markets: there are simply those markets that are MORE or LESS executable in terms of trading. It is as simple (or as difficult) as that! Take a look at that eternal basket case, Africa, at present on an upward economic surge on high mineral prices and aggressive inward Chinese investment. On the Sub-Saharan African continent, apart from South Africa itself, the stock exchanges are difficult to access with low liquidity which can be risky for an investor but this is improving fast in tandem with the economic growth shown by this continent over the last five years. A good point in case would be Angola, which is now the biggest Sub Saharan producer of oil in Africa, having overtaken Nigeria over the last few years. Angola’s heretofore unknown stock exchange is currently shaping up and investors should watch this space as Angola is a huge store house of mineral wealth. If they can jettison the legal hangover from their erstwhile Scientific Socialism (Communist) period and allow foreign investors to have full ownership of land, then the process would be ten times more dynamic. As it stands, this throwback to Agostinho Neto’s day in the 70’s only serves to promote more graft as disaffected foreign investors get their investments ‘squeezed then seized’. Subject to this important caveat, the Angolan markets could be very exciting indeed and the days of executing CFDs on Angolan stocks and shares cannot be that far off.

Other continents such as the Australian continent boast very mature and innovative stock exchanges and Australia is setting up a formal CFD stock exchange (will America eventually follow its lead?) and it has effectively become the gateway to other potentially more important oriental stock exchanges such as the Japanese, Chinese, Korean exchanges etc. Back in Europe, another gateway-type exchange is the Austrian Stock Exchange whose brokers are highly specialised in Eastern European exchanges such as Russia and erstwhile satellite countries now vying for a piece of the international investor’s pie with a significant stock market offering of their own. These exchanges (e.g. Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia, Lithuania etc.) are coming from virtually a zero base with a highly intelligent, highly educated populace and will outstrip growth of more mature exchanges such as the Belgium Stock Exchange (read EURONEXT in its many manifestations) over the medium term.

On the South American continent, the Brazil Stock Exchanges, the Brasil (as it is spelled in Portuguese) Stock Exchanges have been stellar performers but they have 3 significant impediments when compared to the budding Eastern European Exchanges for which reason they will not show the same explosive growth over the next 3-4 years unless they get their economic, technological and legal act together quickly: they are technologically weak in terms of online trading (segregated online sub accounts in 2007 were virtually impossible to set up); the legal investment and regulation framework favours banks and very large financial institutions; it is weighted against foreign brokers and a closed shop of Brazilian brokers has been effectively created; this makes for very expensive operating costs for a foreign broker and a lengthy (and costly) set up

Offshore Centres, Offshore Trading Accounts, Products & Financial Markets Coming to offshore centres, offshore jurisdictions, offshore investment and offshore trading, British Common Law continues to rule the offshore waves and the investorseurope affiliate network includes investors BVI, part of the investorseurope network, as are the Cayman Island investors network, investorseurope Cyprus site network and British, Australian, Canadian and U.S. investors can access exchanges far and wide including the Dubai stock exchange. Many other stock markets of trading interest to international investors, traders and clients of investorseurope form part of the offshore stock brokers sites’ offering where offshore investors can trade or get trading access to technologically very advanced online trading platforms which investorseurope the #1 offshore stock brokers for the Americas has denominated "Offshore Trading Platforms" or OTBs. Using these trading platforms, investorseurope clients trading through the BVI, through Gibraltar or other offshore jurisdictions can assess the investor alternatives in terms of products and platforms available to them. These range from stocks and shares to bonds, to CFDs, futures and Options –derivatives- and FOREX as well as funds and offshore funds, when these are traded on recognised exchanges. investorseurope clients can use these financial investments as well as other mores specialised tools such as pairs trading or spread betting at our FSA Regulated partner investorseuropespreads to generate winnings and income. Trading spreads on indices of various types is most definitely coming into its own and this financial betting product will grow very fast over the next three to five years after which we will reach saturation as is happening with CFDs in 2007/8. Some of the indices on which you may be able to trade spreads offshore are the EUREX EUROSTOXX, XETRA, TECDAX, CAC-40, PSI-20, NIKKEI 225, SBF-80, CBOT, AEX, AIM, BRIX, CME, Dow Jones, EUREX, EUROSTOXX 50, EUROTOP, FTSE, HANG SENG, HSCC, IBEX 35, IBS. LIFFE, MDAX, OMX, OSE, ASX100, SWX,

ETFs are also very popular product and the better trading platforms offer a good selection of ETFs. The choice of product will depend on each client and each investor’s individual risk profile and wish to leverage up their available cash to invest in futures or CFDs using a margin and buy and sell or hit the bid or the offer on financial products traded tax free on stock exchanges throughout the world online using a numbered trading account given by investorseurope after they have opened an offshore trading account.

Client offshore trading accounts can be in any number of base currencies including the dollar, the Euro, the Australian Dollar, the Yen. Other products traded tax free for international clients are options, mutual funds, hedge funds and ETFs which can be traded free of tax or certainly without any sort of tax being paid in the BVI or in Gibraltar.

As a regulated institution, investorseurope invests heavily in what it calls clients “training for trading success” and in terms of investor education, investorseurope has a site called investors university for the benefit of offshore clients and investors can register their interest with the company -should they so wish- to contribute to the site itself called Investors University whose motto as referred to above is “Training for Trading Success”. The investor bond, the relationship between the stock broker and its investors is of paramount importance to Offshore Stock Brokers which is seeking contributors to develop its investors clinic for investors needing clinical investor assistance and help with trading techniques or hardware/ software technology.

investorseurope offers good rates for derivatives, FOREX and CFDs and good investor margins for those trading offshore Singapore, South Africa, South America, Spain, Sweden and Swedish and Nordic markets using the very latest online trading technology, which brings us back full circle to the beginning of this article about the widespread of countries and nationalities that this offshore stock broker executes for allied to the breadth of the investorseurope network of sites run by regulated affiliate sites for England, France, Germany (offshore Stock Brokers has many German investors), Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Macau, Malta, Marbella, Monaco, Mexico, Poland, Portugal and Russia. For those U.S. investors and North American clients wishing to exclusively trade the bread and butter of American and U.S. stock markets such as the NASDAQ, the NYSE and the AMEX, this global offshore stockbroker has the best online trading platforms available on the planet for offshore trading using numbered accounts with the possibility of testing the offshore trading platforms as free demo trading platforms on our network of sites.

Here are some of the expatriate countries and client nationalities (markets and clients) we currently cover for Equities and CFDs: Canada USA Austria Belgium Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland UK Morocco Namibia South Africa Hong Kong China India Japan Russia South Korea Taiwan Thailand Australia New Zealand Singapore

To sum up: whilst Offshore Stock Brokers is strong with regard to the brokerage of U.S. & Canadian Markets for Offshore and Tax free trading, the same cannot be said for the brokerage of South American Markets for Offshore and Tax Free trading. An Offshore Trading Platform for stocks and shares is currently being set up for the Brazil stock exchanges, with the reservations being referred to above slowing down the set up process.

For investors, traders and financial institutions who want to set up an offshore Fund, any sort of offshore Fund, a mutual fund, an experienced investor fund or a Natural Resource Fund to trade stocks and shares, derivatives, futures, CFDs, Bonds and FOREX, Offshore Stock Brokers can help you to set up an offshore Fund very economically indeed in BVI or Gibraltar. Offshore Stock Brokers has direct experience in helping Offshore Fund Managers set up and list their Funds on the Bermuda BSX Stock Exchange, an internationally recognised Stock Exchange.

For those wishing to open an offshore company with which to trade, we can normally set up the company as part of your offshore trading account set up as all the necessary information will be held by us. Some of the offshore jurisdictions where we can help you get a good deal are: British Virgin Islands Gibraltar Cayman Cyprus Mauritius Malta

If you require any more information about opening a numbered offshore trading account and how to fund that trading account so as to trade tax free or introducing clients to regulated stockbrokers on an offshore basis or opening an Offshore, Fund of Funds, Hedge Fund, Natural Resource Funds, contact offshore stock brokers on Skype ‘’ and Skype ‘offshore.stock.brokers’; for an online demo trading platform click here; Google us to find us and/or Skype us as '' or as ‘offshore.stock.brokers’ if you want to speak or chat with us. We have the highest offshore stock brokers’ rankings on Google, Yahoo, Lycos and most of the other important search engines and online and commercial directories, blogs and international directories as the offshore stockbroker of reference. Languages spoken are English, French, Spanish, LLanito, Portuguese, German and we normally have a Chinese interpreter on standby. Offshore Stock Brokers is The Americas #1 Offshore Stock Brokers of choice for expatriates, traders and international investors to trade stocks, trade Derivatives, trade CFDs, trade ETFs & trade FOREX, FX. Trade world stock exchanges offshore! International expatriate Investor, offshore trader, Fund Manager: give yourself the absolute luxury of getting a quote from one of the twenty Offshore Trading Platforms at your disposal and to get your global stockbroker's Offshore Trading Rates. Open an investor offshore trading account now with Offshore Stock Brokers, the Offshore Trading Specialists on the World Wide Web. investorseurope, Gibraltar Offshore Stock Brokers, global network

News on the Rock of Gibraltar 18th January 2008

Global Trading Solutions for the OffshoreTrading Community investorseurope is a Gibraltar-based regulated Premier offshore stock brokers based at 745Europort.. Investors Europe was set up at Europort, Gibraltar in 2001 by Pierre Bertrand Boulle, MBA, a former executive of de Beers, the global diamond monopoly controlled by the Oppenheimer family. Bertrand Boulle’s family is in the mining extraction and diamond business and investorseurope’s stockbroker Head Offices are at 745 Europort in Gibraltar’s financial district with the Rock of Gibraltar itself as backdrop. Pierre Boulle created the investometer which calibrates and compares analyst recommendations. Gibraltar stockbroker has a unique stock broking strategy, a unique service for investors and offshore traders, HNWI and institutions as well as funds because it offers the largest worldwide selection of independent trading platforms for offshore execution which it has coined “Offshore Trading Platforms” ; investorseurope is a member of the Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce as well as member of the Gibraltar Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Managers (GASIM). Investors Europe tailors its choice of Offshore Trading Platforms (OTPs) to every client’s trading requirements covering the countries below, with the brokerage list being added to on an ongoing basis:



Austria Belgium Bulgaria Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey UK Morocco Namibia South Africa Hong Kong China India Japan Russia South Korea Taiwan Thailand Australia Indonesia Malaysia New Zealand Singapore

Although there is –as yet- no trading platform that will trade all financial products (stocks, futures, ETFs, FOREX, CFDs, Funds etc.) in all stock exchanges, investorseurope , based in Gibraltar, is unique because it will find and set up the trading platform best suited to every client’s needs and investorseurope is not corporately tied to any trading platform and can therefore offer the requisite execution platforms on an objective best-of-breed basis. Investor Europe gets lots of coverage on the internet and is easily found on Google, Froogle, Yahoo and other online directories, regional and commercial directories and search engines. Over the last three years, Gibraltar has attempted to set up the legal infrastructure to attract funds and specifically experienced investor funds to the Rock and more recently a Gibraltar stock exchange called gibEX. The Gibraltar Stock Exchange will come on-stream during the course of 2008 and is expected to attract new money and new investors to Gibraltar’s burgeoning economy. Although gaming plays an important part in terms of employment in this British colony in Europe, funds from the UK are now being increasingly attracted to Gibraltar and setting up shop in Gibraltar and investment in the Rock in this sector is on the up and up.

Gibraltar is a bit of an anachronism, a British Colony in Europe in Spain’s very back yard and yet not quite British; a member of the EU yet no Value Added Tax (VAT); part of mainland Europe yet a jurisdiction boasting Common Law making it quite a unique offshore lodged where it is amongst the so-called PIGS countries (Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain); Common Law makes it an efficient jurisdiction from which to do business and it has a Gibraltar finance centre to promote and encourage investment in Gibraltar which in 2007 is riding the crest of an investment wave and the Gibraltar Government has been very proactive about Gibraltar's future and at the forefront of this process. Online gaming has been particularly successful over the last 4 years and Gibraltar probably leads the world in this area at the moment, with America having attempted –unsuccessfully- to protect its own internal market by emergency legislation.

Some useful Gibraltar organisations are here: The Gibraltar Government has both a Gibraltar website and a UK website and promotes Gibraltar by means of various road shows and conferences that The European Finance Centre organises; the Financial Services Commission and the Gibraltar Investor Compensation Scheme work in tandem with regard to regulated entities such as investorseurope whilst the Gibraltar Association of Stockbrokers and Investment Managers represents financial institutions. Other institutions reinforcing Gibraltar’s standing as an offshore jurisdiction of high quality are The Gibraltar Society of Chartered and Certified Accountancy Bodies, The Auditors Registration Board, The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority and The Ombudsman. At Companies House offshore companies can be registered whilst support is provided to Gibraltar registered companies by The Gibraltar Chamber of Commerce and The Gibraltar Federation of Businesses. The AIBW, the Association of Introducing Brokers is also based in Gibraltar and its founding member is Investors Europe. The AIBW, the Association of Introducing Brokers Worldwide, has two fundamental aims which underpin its mission: To promote, to defend and to support the role of Introducing Brokers (IBs); to promote, to defend and to support Gibraltar as a modern offshore jurisdiction of the highest quality. These are the wickis that betterspread is working with: Offshore-Stockbrokers, investometer, download a free trading demo and Investors University. Source:

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