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Cartoons are the best way to entertain a child. And maybe an adult as well. Watching cartoons makes one feel protected and remember nice things from childhood.

One of the best options for all cartoon lovers is the Cartoon Network channel. Here one can view cartoons all day long. There are all sorts of cartoons, funny cartoons, serious ones, anime, international cartoons and the list could continue.

To make things more up-to-date, the Cartoon Network has established an official website. This trendy website is intended for children and cartoon fans of all ages, who for some reason find it easier to go online and get episodes with their favorite characters. Due to this site, you can watch episodes of your favorite cartoons online and catch up with those you’ve missed. Choose from Ed, Edd and Eddy, Ben 10 or from various other series that you normally meet on Cartoon Network. In order to have access to these footages, you will necessarily have to Adobe Flash Player 9 installed. If you don’t have it, the site puts this program at your disposal, by giving you a link to the site where you can download this program. The website makes it easy for you to have access to all you need in order to get the episodes you want to watch.

The Games section of this website will allow you to play the coolest games available such as Funkbox, Scared Sweet, Hero Matrix and many more. You will benefit of the Cartoon Network podcast by accessing the main page of

The website features a shop section, that will be adored by the little ones. For those parents that are concerned, there is a site policy that won’t allow the under aged to purchase goods. The shop contains all equipment needed for the real cartoon fans, from toys, games and action figures to accessories such as shirts and backpacks. Adults can have shirts with cartoon characters as well, as the adult sizes are also available in the online shop. How about a shirt with Courage, the funny pink dog?

You can shop by show or by categories. It all boils down to your character preferences. CDs and DVDs are available, plus home decor- such as bed linen. You can purchase collectibles, those pieces of cartoon art a true collector wouldn’t miss for anything in the world. The website is endowed with sounds that launch whenever you pass through a section of the main page, so as to make it attractive for children.

The main page contains some contests for children, which gives them prizes: toys and all sorts of surprises. The site contains ads that appeal to children. Mainly popular games are advertised on this website. All in all, is a cute site with lots of colorful images, sounds and games. Its message and target audience is clear, and it is fun visiting.


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"A kids friendly site that also offers a little something more for those adults sneaking over to check out the latest mishaps of Duck Dodgers."

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