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Why should we all have to buy the latest expensive fad cleaning product from the supermarket when we know an honest block of traditional soap, no frills, but tried and trusted for generations will get the job done? And with less packaging to throw away it's kinder on the environment too!

Trading on the internet since 2004, Carbolic Soap Co. was set up purely as a hobby in order for people to obtain Carbolic Soap. Once a firm family favourite, Carbolic Soap has slowly lost favour to more modern interpretations of cleaning. However, for those who love the distinctive smell and cleaning properties of Carbolic Soap there is no substitute for the original.

Like all good ideas the company has performed well. The success of has allowed the introduction of complimetary products in addition to Carbolic Soap. Due to customer request you can now buy products such as Lifebuoy red, coal tar fragranced, cold cream, butter milk, Household soaps and other traditional soaps as well as pure vegetable soaps and other products such as Washboards, back scrubbers, bath cubes and Soap Dishes.

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Carbolic Soap Company Ltd
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland BR2 9NS

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