is a Hair Salon in Clive, IA.


Capella is a hair salon in Clive, IA that specializes in hair color. We provide hair styling, cuts and other hair salon treatments in an upscale yet comfortable atmosphere.We serve Clive, Des Moines, Waukee, Urbandale, and surrounding areas.

We are revolutionizing the way you experience the hair salon. When you visit Capella you will be enveloped in a spa-like, relaxing setting. Our hair salon staff will make sure you have every amenity possible to make your hair salon appointment that much more enjoyable. We offer complimentary hot towels to drape around your neck for relaxation. You can enjoy a soothing hand treatment in a warm paraffin dip while you receive your hair salon services. Refreshments are also available at our hair salon including wine and beer.

Blow outs, updos, haircuts, perms, relaxers…we do it all at our hair salon. We will even provide you with trims at the neck or of your bangs free of charge. We are known for our extensive selection of hair color services. At our hair salon we keep our color bar out in the open where you can observe every step we make. Some of the hair color options at our hair salon include American baliage highlights, full head highlights, single process color and touch ups. We can recommend hair color treatments based on the level of maintenance you can handle. Our skilled stylists also can perform subtle hair coloring such as glazes and men’s camouflage color treatments to blend away gray.

We use only premium hair salon quality products on your hair. The hair products are also 100% vegan and sulfate free formulations that are very gentle to the hair. Walk-ins are accepted at our beauty salon, but you can also make an appointment. We welcome entire bridal parties and can create stunning looks for your special wedding day. Call Capella for professional hair salon services at 515-278-2466.

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