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CANIX is a leading Internet bandwidth provider via its multiple telecommunication suppliers and a leading neutral co-location provider. The company prides itself not only on its state-of-the-art network, but also on its unparalleled flexible and client-oriented solutions and 24/7 customer support services.

CANIX is managed by a team of individuals with extensive experience with ISPs, ASPs, and digital content providers who see a need for an innovative, responsive, and flexible Internet bandwidth provider. CANIX is a company that is flexible and nimble enough to not be forced to conform to industry rules. CANIX is able to leverage rapid growth and because of this non-conformity to position itself as an industry leader. It is management's intention to stay six to eight months ahead of competitive offerings by leading in product and price offerings. The company has steadily expanded its network and capabilities, offering customers a forward-thinking alternative to existing network options. CANIX is a North East based network and connects to New York City's most important Internet Hubs. We provide 100% uptime guarantee, with an outstanding SLA.. CANIX also recognizes the value to customers of peering, an agreement between Internet networks to facilitate transit of data across each other's network. Peering agreements allow CANIX to provide customers with enhanced flexibility, competitive rates, superior performance and network reliability, while at the same time minimizing CANIX's cost of carrying traffic. CANIX has establish multiple direct peering agreements with networks around the world, a number which is significantly higher than most Internet providers.

CANIX has a continual focus on reducing costs for its customers and allows them the ability to maintain or grow gross margins. Work is underway in testing access to European based Internet networks to access their peers, and with other Internet backbones to purchase 'bulk transit', which has the potential of reducing cost by as much as 70%. CANIX has a company owned co-locations facility in Montreal, and will open several other locations throughout its network deployment in the coming months. The co-location facility provides state-of-the-art, environmentally protected and secure environment for customer's equipment. Each customer will be provided with a minimum 100/mb Fast Ethernet connection, with the ability to upgrade to Gigabit Ethernet if required.




Canix Colo Inc.
Montreal QC
Canada H3B 1R2

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