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Founded early at the start of this year has steadily grown into one of the most popular and regularly visited pharmacy websites.

We are specially into providing generic drugs, but in a few cases we do retail branded drugs too. The reason as is commonly known is that generic drugs result in huge savings for people. They are widely recommended by medical practitioners and even the FDA to enable patients ensure cheaper medical bills.

There are several reasons for the popularity of an online pharmacy like Prominent being the simple layout of the site, no intricate structure which some times throws users off. The drugs are presented in a simple way, which enables a user to zero down to his/her drug easily. The left panel has in based on the illness/condition while the bottom panel shows it in a simple alphabetical order. One reason this is possible is that we have restricted ourselves to a small bunch of drugs based on its popularity. Hence we make sure only the popular drugs for their respective conditions are shown. Popular drugs/medications also means the drugs are from reputed pharmaceutical companies, hence safer and more effective. Of course in case of special cases we would more than happy to provide drugs not available on our roster. The idea is to help people who need prescriptions drugs and we will not refuse to supply medications if it is within our powers.

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