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What does a camp host do? The camp host is a volunteer who meets a specific criteria and provides a service to the campground management in exchange for a free campsite and more times than not a stipend wage is included for the service. Park host campers are utilized nationwide in the maintenance of both private and government regulated campgrounds. Their duties are generally the same but may include activities tailored to the needs of management and the particular geographical region. They are an advocate for the park and they collaborate with management to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for the other campers. Glen Mixdorf aka 'The Mayor', is a perfect example of the working camp host. Glen is also the first subcriber to the first Camp Host US Newsletter, so we gave him his own page on Camp Host US.

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Volunteer abroad with your family Would you like a change from your typical family vacation? Consider taking a volunteer vacation. Imagine exploring new lands and cultures while making a difference in the world. Once you have decided to take a volunteer vacation there are many questions to address. Where would you like to go? How long would you like to stay? How much free time would you like? You should also do background research on the organizations that offer volunteer vacations.

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