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Taking Your Camera on the Road


Take two photographers, four cameras, a stack of field guides, and a spoiled old cat. Put them in a 30 foot fifth wheel trailer, well greased. Mix in 50,000 miles, 1500 rolls of film, a new transmission, 6 tires, 6,000 gallons of gas, a cracked windshield, 14 oil changes, 2 tune-ups, 2 sets of spark plug wires, new truck brakes, 1 computer monitor, 3 hard drives, and a motherboard. Pour through 23 National Parks, 26 states and provinces and stir for 22 months. Bake in the Florida sunshine then freeze in the Canadian Rockies. Defrost and sweat for a year in North Carolina and then pour into a new mold in Israel for several years. Shake and bake them in the Middle East for five years, then leave them sweating in Mobile, Alabama, until….well, with this recipe - who knows?

The end result is two people who still love each other, 70,000 photographs and more experiences and lessons about life on the road than ever desired. We believe in learning from the mistakes of others and invite you to learn from our adventures, bungles and blunders, especially if you are planning to take your camera on the road. We invite you to learn from us within these web pages, which are part of our two upcoming books, “Taking Your Camera on the Road” and “Home Is Where Lorelle Is”.


We believe in the action of living, being, doing, telling, learning, all the “…ings.” So we designed our web pages with the “ings” of our life in mind. We’ve also designed our web pages with the visually impaired and disabled in mind. Join us as we are learning and exploring this diverse world.

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