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Welcome to California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California


The current Cal Poly Home Site was rolled into production on September 8, 2003. Its development was the culmination of 2+ years of marketing research, constituent / stakeholder collaboration, design and development. The Web Coordinator contributed to this effort over 9 years of experience in managing the original Cal Poly Web sites.

Reviewed 23 design proposals (several submitted by an Art course), narrowed the selection to 4, then chose the final design which would borrow highlight elements from another (January through February 2003)

The site was implemented with Netscape 6.x and IE 5.0 PC, and Netscape 7.x and IE 5.x Macintosh as browsers of minimum compatibility . Other "newer" browsers were examined during the implementation process such as Safari and were found to provide a viewable page. Earlier versions of these browsers provide a viewable page albeit not as elegant as presented in the newer browsers. It is fair to point out that as of May 2003, over 93% of requests to Cal Poly Web pages were from Internet Explorer browsers.

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Network Administration, 1 Grand Ave Bldg 2 Rm 116
San Luis Obispo CA 93407 US

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