is all about Maintenance & Repair on ANY Small Equipment!

CALL TOM! 208-219-0839

for Small Equipment Maintenance & Repair

21 N 850 W., Paul, ID, 83347

CALL TOM! will work on ANY Small Equipment. Reasonable cost for good work.

If I can't fix it, there's NO LABOR CHARGE!

  • 5% Labor Discount in November and December!
  • 10% Labor Discount January through March 31!
  • We charge NO MARKUP ON PARTS! (All parts sold with service)
  • We now have tire SLIME, $2.56 for 8 ounces, plus a small installation fee!
(We can SLIME your tires CHEAPER than you can do it yourself!)
  • We've made a big purchase of Engine Oil to get a low price: $2.20/Qt!!!
  • Oil Filters - $1.46 (for most riding mower applications)
  • Autolite Spark Plugs - $2.23 (for most applications)
  • Fuel Filters $2.21 (for most small engines)

We'll fix just about anything that fits in the shop (except cars, trucks, and boats). Air, electric, and hydraulic tools, lawn mowers, riding mowers, motorcycles, ATV's, welder engines, generator engines, snowblowers, snowmobiles, and even sewing machines! In fact, we'll fix anything from lava lamps and lawn irrigation tractors to small tractors up to about 50HP (nothing much larger will fit into the shop).

Please visit our website: for much more information, discounts, pictures, and directions to the shop. Please call for an immediate appointment for you to drop off or pick up your equipment at YOUR convenience! We're ALWAYS OPEN, 24 / 7 / 365! Contact us by phone at 208-219-0839, or email

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