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There have always been musicians in the Regiment. Since its early inception in 1910 from the 103rd Calgary Rifles, a band has played with the unit. In WWI the unit became the 10th Battalion CEF and saw severe action in France - pipers travelled to war and played on the battlefield. Once designated as a highland unit in 1921, the Pipes and Drums have been an integral part of the Regimental family. Through WWII to the present day a complement of pipers and drummers have always accompanied the soldiers of the unit.

Currently the band is comprised of pipers, drummers, and dancers who perform in a number of venues and although musician positions were eliminated for the Regiment, a strong contingent of musicians have volunteered their time to play with the Regimental Pipes and Drums.

With the removal of the regular force presence from Calgary, The Calgary Highlanders are one of the very few remaining reminders of Calgary's military tradition and history in the city. The Regimental Pipes and Drums are part of the living history of the Regiment. When the band is on parade, the Regiment is visible. When the band performs well, the Regiment is honoured. In order to promote and perpetuate the Regiment, the Pipes and Drums maintain a high standard of performance, dress, and deportment. In order to do this on a continuous, sustainable basis, the Pipes and Drums have created a supportive infrastructure. Leadership, training, and performance challenges are seen as necessary components to maintain high levels of interest and commitment.

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