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Calendar Maven is a 'SOHO' business operated from Canton, Ohio by Joe and Linda Kohn since 1990. Hebrew Calendar is the only product offered by Calendar Maven.

The original Hebrew Calendar DOS version was inspired by the need to understand the Jewish calendar and have a computer programming project to fill some spare time. The DOS version had limited capabilities and even more limited success.

The popularity of Windows, online services and the Internet resulted in the successful launching of the Windows version of Hebrew Calendar in 1994. The program has matured since then with many improvements. Several thousand copies of Hebrew Calendar are in use around the world by people of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds.

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  • Shel Kolner (frustrated) : Calendar-Maven product has limit of 2048 Yahrzeit Anniversaries. Can this be expanded. Reponse to Shel Kolner at 11:10, 15 May 2008 (PDT)

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