is a calendar aggregator for the Portland tech community


Calagator, a Portland-area tech events calendar


Calagator is an all-volunteer effort to provide a unified calendar for technical communities and user groups in Portland, Oregon. Anyone can contribute information by importing, creating and editing entries.

You can also read our project news blog (4e3ff5ecdecd3e14d9f89db51c5a1425.png: [}}} RSS Feed]), participate in discussions, and report issues. This site's software is all open-source and we're always looking for new people to join us in making the best calendar aggregator possible.

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Additional Information

If you're a designer, writer, or programmer, we could use your help in designing new UIs, writing documentation, and adding interesting features.

We usually meet for code sprints on alternate Saturdays at CubeSpace, from 10am until 6pm, although we often end up moving to the Side Door and staying later.

You do not need to stay for the entire code sprint -- stay as long as you'd like. Everyone is welcome to participate, even if you haven't attended a code sprint before. If you want to help with programming, experience with Ruby on Rails and agile development is helpful, but you're welcome to come even if you're new to these because this is a great way to learn.

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