Cache Outfitters Provides Emergency Preparedness and Sportsmen Supplies specializes in the sale of emergency survival kits, outdoor gear and survival packs, emergency food supplies, and water storage and treatment devices. They offer the tools and gear you’ll need to survive in all types of emergency situations and natural disasters at home, in the office, at school, and in your vehicle.
Emergency Preparedness Kit

On, you will find everything you need to stockpile your emergency box, basement, or vehicle. They carry long-lasting, quality emergency and personal safety products such as: emergency water pouches, emergency food and rations, first aid kits and supplies, emergency supplies and tools, plus emergency kits for cats and emergency kits for dogs.

Preparing for Emergencies and Natural Disasters

Cache Outfitters takes your safety seriously. They know you want dependable, emergency supplies to help you take the proper precautions as you prepare to survive extreme weather and natural disasters.

Many parts of the U.S. are affected by seasonal storms such as tornadoes and hurricanes. Other regions are susceptible to earthquakes and wild fires. These major disasters can bring down structures and buckle roads and highways. Heavy floods and winds can destroy everything in their path and prevent rescuers from quickly reaching you and your loved ones. Meanwhile, it is important to have abundant emergency supplies and provisions on hand to ensure your safety and survival.

Families and individuals in search of survival preparedness tools and supplies and emergency survival kits on Cache Outfitters will find an impressive array of items for any situation. Items can be searched according to specific hazards such as tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other life threats.

In addition, you’ll never have to guess about which products are right for you or how they work because Cache Outfitters will answer any questions you have! Their expert staff can guide you through their products to help you meet your safety and emergency preparedness needs.

Great Outdoor Sports Gear for Your Next Adventure

If you’re an outdoor adventurist, extreme sportsman, or deep-woods camping enthusiast, Cache Outfitters has what you need for rugged outdoor sports and recreation! They carry a complete line of practical and lightweight adventure supplies and outdoor survival gear.

Cache Outfitters’ tools, survival packs, and pocket-size provisions will help you stay warm, hydrated, and primed to meet any environment. Their portable and compact survival supplies and kits include basic necessities such as: water storage and treatment, emergency radios, flashlights, emergency solar power, outdoor hygiene, emergency food supplies and rations, and more. has terrific sales on the products you need most often, and is always receiving new arrivals. They also offer online coupons and other discounts through their email alerts.

Expert Staff Advice to Help You Prepare for Any Emergency

Don’t rely upon inexperienced, big box sales clerks to advise you on emergency preparedness and personal safety products. Cache Outfitters has experienced and knowledgeable staff who can answer any question about how their products work and which are best suited to your needs.

They take pride in working with manufacturers like Mountain House, Ultimate Survival Gear, Oregon Scientific, Safeguard Emergency Preparedness, Leatherman, Katadyn, Adventure Medical Kits, Esbit, and SteriPen, all of whom provide durable and proven safety products to prepare-minded customers.
CacheOutfitters-brands.png staff are small box survival gear experts who will take the time to understand your needs and ensure that you receive exactly what you are looking for. They are unsurpassed in their customer service and personal understanding of the products you need to survive natural disasters, emergencies, and extreme outdoor adventures.


Call Cache Outfitters toll free for answers to any question you have about choosing quality emergency preparedness and personal safety products. You’ll be glad you did!

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Community Involvement

Along with taking pride in their individual customer’s satisfaction, Cache Outfitters actively supports local community preparedness events. In 2008, they co-sponsored the Village of Palatine, Illinois CERT Challenge, a day-long exercise that allows community emergency response teams from Palatine, Rolling Meadows, Arlington Heights, Evanston and Lake in the Hills to showcase their skills and test their readiness for disasters.

Cache Outfitters has also raised preparedness awareness by donating products from it's catalog to the Brookfield, Illinois Junior Chamber (Jaycee's).

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