Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal


In 1957, the Department of Civil Aviation was formally established under the then Ministry of Work, Communications and Transport of the Government of Nepal.. The statutory regulations regarding civil aviation were introduced under the Civil Aviation Act, 1959 (2015 BS). Nepal obtained the membership of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 1960.

Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) was established as an autonomous regulatory body on 31 December 1998 under Civil Aviation Act, 1996. CAAN has been set up with the objective of making aviation safe, regular, standard and efficient. Its prime goal is to ensure flight safety and sustainability of civil aviation. It has the responsibilities of constructing, operating and maintaining airports. Besides, it has also to equip the airports with necessary communications and navigational facilities.

As per the decision of the Government of Nepal dated 12 February 2006, (Magh 30, 2062) Mr. Kamal Kumar K.C. the then Deputy Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has been appointed as the Officiating Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal.



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