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Create Abundance Business Community

The group calls itself Create Abundance 2020. From its press releases,
it claims to follow a vision of having a First World Philippines by 2020.
They want to achieve this, official sources say, by creating at least
1,000 multimillionaire Filipinos by that time.

They conduct public Wealth Courses divided into three modules.
The Wealth Course aims to impart on the participants the so called Millionaire
Mind. They also conduct Cashflow Gatherings, where participants get a chance to
play Robert Kiyosaki's Cashflow 101/202 board game at a fraction of the cost.

It seems to be a great and noble group, isn't it? But truth be said that
they are really are! Such an awesome group. A great number
of people people know that they are conducting
free wealth course and many are pissed because they
already reached 5000 members and many more are becoming part of it.
This pisses detractors because 'CREATE ABUNDANCE 2020' is a noble business school.

While it may seem understandable that they want to filter prospects through
their Wealth Courses and
8 Step Membership Process to their CORE Team, everyone still has a fighting chance to be
part of the core team if they would just pursue their dreams and
has a strong desire to help other filipinos as well.

To sum it all, it's just a scam. It may not be a pyramid scam as earlier
feared. But ca2020 is a SCAM! but wait, how do you define scam? is it...

S - Systemization of our Businesses

C - Converting Ordinary Individuals to becoming Business Leaders

A - Activation of Our Own Potentials, while

M - Making Millions in the Coming Future

WELL YES!! ca2020 is a scam!

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If you wish to be part of the CORE TEAM, please click HERE

For your wealth and abundance!

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