a global research university founded in 1967

Carnegie Mellon University


Carnegie Mellon University is a privately owned global research university founded in 1967. The president of the university is Jared L. Cohon. 5,495 students are enrolled in the undergraduate degree program whereas 4393 students are studying in masters and doctoral degree programs. The faculty of the university in all of its schools and colleges comprise of over 4000 teachers and alumni. The admissions are very selective. One year tuition and other fees sum up to $33,448 whereas the living cost is around $8,970.


In 1900 Carnegie Technical School was founded for the purpose of vocational training for working class people. In 1912 the name was changed to Carnegie Institute of Technology and later on in 1967 it got its present name Carnegie Mellon after its merger with the Mellon Institute of Industrial Research.

Best Programs and Reputation

The degree programs offered in business, computer, engineering and public policy are considered as one of the best amongst many renowned universities. It is ranked 21 overall in the list of best universities in USA. However in computer science department it is rated as number 1 university in the United States. Further more the university is also affiliated with 9 Turing and 15 Nobel award winners. Approximately 80% of the graduates enter job market within the first year after graduation.

University Press

University has a press where you can find details and printed material about poets and poetry, stories of fiction and truth, and dramas. The university news includes the tartan which is the student news website, the piper which is a monthly issue, newsletters and the campus calendars which tells both the students and the visitors about conferences, events, admission dates and much more.

Student Body

The university has a large student body which is known as SDC or student dormitory council. Its goals include, providing a positive community to the students, representation of residents, to involve them in on-campus activities, and to provide an opportunity for students to learn.

Student Services

University provides women’s center, daycare, health services and insurance, placement service along with counseling service for the minority, religious, birth control, academic and personal issues. The career development of the students is one of the foremost duties of the institution and university provides internships, interview training, job search classes, and other career development education. University provides housing to students and almost 67% of the students live in university accommodations. 24 hour security is provided to the campus students.

Schools and Divisions

School comprises of 7 divisions which include college of fine arts, school of computer science, school of management and public policy, college of science, institute of technology, college of social sciences and humanities and school of business. It also has several research institutes which include robotics institute, human-computer interaction institute, software engineering institute and many more.


The official university website is and here you can find out all information about the university rules and regulations, its divisions, the governing body, the services offered to the students, their health and safety, and of course access the university press and the news section. The admissions section provides up-to-date information about the admission dates, criterion and information regarding the campus.






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