sells personal & business checks, stationery, labels etc.

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The website address redirects to a page on, a direct marketer and a provider of bank checks and related accessories. offers a huge variety of checks - over 250 popular designs - to their customers to choose from. The website also offers tools and basic templates to help you design your own checks. The company has been in the business of providing bank checks and related products since 1922. Checks in the Mail now creates and sells over 1 billion checks in the US.


Besides the personal and business checks, offers a range of other useful products as well. These include checkbook covers, deposits/registers, debit caddies, coin purses, folded notes, note pads, social cards and much more. You can choose the website for buying gifts for your loved ones.


Checks In The Mail
2435 Goodwin Lane
New Braunfels, TX 78135

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Phone:(800) 733-4443
Fax: (800) 800-2432
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