CEITON - web-based Workflow Management System and Scheduling people and Systems

Company Description

expertplace solutions is an SME tech firm. We develop CEITON, a workflow management software product for planning, controlling and billing of business processes, including resource scheduling and time tracking software. Since 2000 we stand for development and implementation of successful process optimization in companies. We help them remain efficient and organized in an ever-more complex and faster world.

What we do

A web-based workflow management system orchestrates world-wide projects from customer enquiry, through project planning, assignment of tasks and time tracking, all the way to billing – all on one platform. Automated communication means mistakes are prevented, and time and costs are optimized.

The web-based system is extremely customizable for any workflow to streamline entire business processes, boost operational efficiencies & leverage profitability. Every workflow we create is unique and is individually customized for each particular customer and company.

We propose

  • an individual configurable and easy to change web-based project management platform and workflow management for suppliers and clients all around the world
  • a web-based production planning and controlling system
  • mobile time-tracking and scheduling platform for all devices, HR-scheduling, shift planning and task assignment for staff
  • task and project management and optimization of business processes incl. accounting and analysis
  • integrated material management, supply chain management and customer management
  • resource management, document management and an archive function
  • ERP, BPM, BPO, QS, quality management
  • analysis, reporting and monitoring
  • budgeting, accounting, payroll and documentation processes
  • implementation and integration service for every interface or company software
  • process consulting for business process optimization, full support, and user-training
  • process controlling, especially in branch sector TV production, broadcasting and post production, financial, pharma, diverse production and service processes, engineering and IT, auditing and quality management



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