Independent seller of music CDs.

CD Baby


An online record store selling music by independent musicians

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Distributor for independent music - sell or purchase CD's.


5925 NE 80 Ave
Portland OR 97218-2891 USA


phone: +1 503 595 3000
fax: +1 503 296 2370


  • I bought a cd from them, had a little trouble realizing that it was an mp3 cd, and not a physical cd, and anyways, after about 2 minutes on the phone with them I realize, "hey, I'm an idiot. CD Baby did a great job of delivering me my friend's music and I just was surpringly uncapable of d'ling it. dig? My friend is Montgomery Bruce. Great CD. Check it out. -- Vinh Nguyen 20:48, 28 January 2008 (PST)

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